It is our third year with the pandemic. And everything that was once considered peculiar has now become a part of our everyday lives. Like wearing face masks everytime we leave the house. They have become the staple accessory whether we want it or not. 

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And thanks to all fashion designers all around the world, the once-dreaded, boring, pale-blue disposable surgical masks have now been given a major glow up. Thanks to international labels like La Perla and Off White. Now, our best Malaysian designers are continuing to join in the trend—Bernard Chandran, Khoon Hooi, Jovian Mandagie, just to name a few, they all have successfully mass produced their own versions of these protective coatings. And they serve. 

From all-black covers to vivid, printed motifs. Today’s designer faces are not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful. Making us excited to put them on. Beauty Insider has compiled a list of some of our favourite local designer face masks. Even if there wasn’t a pandemic, we’d probably be wearing them.

1. Bernard Chandran 

Bernard Chandran designed these trendy face masks and named them Deep Grass Green and Parisian Blue—inspired by the colours that determine the tone and mood in films. Each washable woven face mask contains a sleeve for disposable filters, requiring just a 15g filter for maximum comfort and protection. It is also constructed of a somewhat thicker cloth that has been fitted to precise proportions to encircle your face.

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2. Khoon Hooi

Another notable Malaysian designer, Khoon Hooi, has also released a line of structured reusable face masks fashioned from repurposed fabrics and patterns from the brand’s archives. There will undoubtedly be some that appear to be glamorous. Check out the Sutherland series of face masks if you want a more simple and understated look. The brand’s face masks include dual-layer protection and an aperture for a disposable filter.

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3. Melinda Looi 

Masks by Melinda Looi - Fashion Masks in Batik

Melinda’s confined fabric masks with vivid abstract motifs will keep you covered and fashionable at the same time. Each mask features three layers as well as a filter pocket that may hold PM2.5 filter inserts. They also include extra-long fabric straps that allow you to adjust the mask to your preferred fit. Melinda Looi also worked with Tom Abang Saufi to create the #UnityMask collection, which was inspired by and dedicated to Malaysian front-liners for their dedication and unwavering hard work during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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4. Innai & Co. 

The Innai Bloom mask is made of recycled textiles and has three permeable layers with a flower design on the exterior, a soft liner that allows for an air filter, and a sumptuous satin inner layer that assures comfort. Each mask is packaged in a zippered pouch to make you feel comfy while wearing them. 

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5. Jovian Mandagie 

Jovian’s masks are washable and flexible, and come in a variety of patterns such as velvet, personalised, crystal encrusted, and more. His face masks are also created to be  machine washable and flexible for a custom fit and protection.

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6. The Batik Boutique

Traditional batik designs are transformed into beautiful reusable masks that protect you from the COVID-19 virus. Each mask is hand-painted and constructed of 2 phases of 100% cloth, with an elastic slit at the bottom for a PPE filter. For increased comfort, the elastic bands linked to the masks may be wrapped around your head.

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7. Cassey Gan 

Props to Cassey Gan’s designs who produced such colourful and whimsical masks. Mirroring her own style. These fashionable CG masks can add a pop of colour to any ensemble. They are 100% cotton masks with pockets for filter insertion that are as attractive as they are functional. The print positioning on these made-to-order items is one-of-a-kind, and no two are the same.

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8. Whimsigirl 

We absolutely adore these Whimsigirl’s adorable gingham face masks, which include a pocket for a filter insert for maximum protection. They also provide a selection of designs in their Core, Stripes, and Botanica lines.

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9. Naelofar

This 3-ply cotton face mask mask is made of soft fabric materials that are gentle on your skin, and it has a built-in non-woven filter to provide security without sacrificing comfort. The redesigned headloop function includes an adjustable stopper, enabling you to tailor the fit to your preferences. With utility in mind, the mask can be altered to the maximum size so that it hangs comfortably around your neck anytime you need to remove it for a break.

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10. Hanya 

For Malaysian it girl. These face masks created by Hanya brand are simple and beautiful, available in a range of colours, and are ideal for everyday usage, especially when coupled with matching Hanya scrunchies.

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11. Supercrew

Choose Supercrew’s reversible face mask in denim for a more edgy look. Wear it your way, with their thunderbolt emblem facing out, or the opposite way around for a cleaner appearance. The mask may also be purchased in lightweight cotton with varied camo designs on both sides.

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12. FiziWoo 

The Woo Mask, made of a wool and viscose combination with a beautiful satin silk inside, is both comfortable and stylish. This reusable protection item is available in a variety of colours and styles.

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