4 Makeup Products Suitable for Oily Skin and the Tropical Weather!

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Oily skin has it’s own challenges. They  have different cosmetic needs, especially in the tropical weather. Here are four tried and tested products—the best makeup for oily skin. Read on for four tips and what to buy!

  1. Start right

First, do not reduce your skincare routine. The key is to switch to lightweight formulas such as gels during the day. Use a mattifying primer,

Another non-negotiable is a good primer. Find a mattifying primer, it prevents oil on the skin from breaking down your makeup. . The recently released Benefit POREfessional Pearl Primer Face Primer gives skin a matte finish and minimises fine lines and pores. It also has a silky smooth texture same as its predecessor the POREfessional Face Primer but this gives skin a soft radiant glow. So yes, you can glow while fighting oil!

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  1. Choose oil-free

Choose oil-free foundation. You can also look for foundations that are “matte” or “mattifying”. Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup is long-wear, looks natural. and most important – is matte. It is very lightweight and comfortable.

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  1. Powder, but go easy!

Avoid over powder. Make sure that you are wearing thin layers of makeup, then powder it down with translucent powder. If it is mineral based, it will help keep oil at bay. Beauty Insider’s pick is NYX HD Finishing Powder which hits all the right spots: translucent, mineral based, and affordable.

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  1. Spray smart

For extra insurance, setting spray will help keep your entire makeup look in place. Choose one with a matte effect. This Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray is weightless and controls oil production. Use it as a final touch, because this spray works on foundation, shadow, blush and keeps it all from fading and smudging.

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Beauty Insider’s last tip is to keep oil control sheets in your bag and work desk. When you feel your skin getting oily like in the middle of the day, grab a sheet instead of powdering your nose. This will keep your makeup from looking cakey.