A Look Into Leekaja Beauty Salon Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2019.

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The breast Cancer Awareness Month is addressed across the world in the month of October. It is an annual campaign to increase more awareness and combat the disease. Today, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women worldwide. According, to the World Health Organization, just in this year alone, around two million new breast cancer cases were diagnosed worldwide.

Every 15 seconds, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer somewhere in the world and more than six women die of breast cancer every five minutes worldwide. In Malaysia, according to the Malaysia National Cancer Institute, 1 in every 20 women in the country are diagnosed with breast cancer. These shocking figures only serve to underline the fact that so many women today are battling with this disease and we should stand by with these fighters throughout their battle. 

In conjunction with breast cancer awareness month, Leekaja Beauty Salon Malaysia hosted their first-ever Leekaja Pink Campaign 2019 last month. Leekaja Beauty Salon founded back in 1972 by Madame Leekaja in South Korea. It was at the time the most stylish and highly reputed hairdressing brand in South Korea. Since then, Leekaja Beauty Salon has branched out to many countries around the world. They have 130 shops in Korea, 15 in the USA, 33 in China, 1 in Malaysia located at Robinsons at Four Seasons Place, and launched the first Leekaja Hair Salon in Australia. Their goal is to immerse you in a full Korean beauty experience without having to travel to Korea. 

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A Breast Cancer Survivor Getting A Special Hair Treat From Leekaja’s Professional Hairdresser.

Last 15 October 2019, they organized a fundraising event called the Pink Campaign 2019, an initiative to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness and provide psychosocial support to breast cancer patients and survivors.  All the proceeds from the sale of services were channelled towards the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia (BCWA). The Managing Director of Leekaja Beauty Salon Malaysia, Mr Luke Yi, the President of the BCWA Malaysia, Ms Ranjit Kaur, the press, media and few breast cancer survivors attended the event. Among the survivors was Miss Ranjit. She and five other breast cancer survivors were given a luxurious complimentary haircut experience by Leekaja salon’s professional hairstylists. 

A Breast Cancer Survivor Getting A Special Hair Treat From Leekaja’s Professional Hairdresser.

The president of BCWA Malaysia, Miss Ranjit Kaur who battled with breast cancer for 21 years shared her story against the diseases and how she fought it through.  She mentioned those were the darkest moments of her life and that she is glad that she had the support of her friends and family, colleagues and other survivors who now have become her friends. She added that it is really important to have a listener who understands and motivates you. It will help the patient and survivor feel better from both inside and outside. We as their support system should constantly listen to their need and do things that will make them feel better. She went on saying that it’s good to go for something that can calm yourself down such as meditation, massaging or getting a fresh hair makeover to make you look good and feel happy always.

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The Leekaja Beauty Saloon Malaysia Team.

The Managing Director of Leekaja Beauty Salon Malaysia also spoke to us and said that he is glad that his crew have organized a meaningful initiative and hoped that the proceeds channelled from the Leekaja Pink Campaign to BCWA Malaysia will enable the association to do better in regard to mental health associated with breast cancer. He mentioned that he is so happy that they partnered with BCWA Malaysia for this good cause. He noted they will continue to provide psychosocial support to all breast cancer survivors and fighters to get through their cancer-fighting journey with a strong mentality to accept themselves and love themselves.

Lastly, to all breast cancer fighter and survivors out there, you got this! You are not alone in this battle, we are all together with you. Remember to not skip your medication and most importantly do not give up hope! You go, sister! For those who have not gotten their breast checked, please do. Early detection is easier to cure the disease. Breast cancer is curable and the survival rate for breast cancer in Malaysia has improved significantly in the past three decades.