Whether it is for a beach holiday or just a desire for a ‘fuzz-free’ feel, getting a Brazilian wax can be a painful experience, especially for beginners. It is, after all, a highly sensitive area. Plus, unlike waxing eyebrows, chins, and underarms, Brazilian waxing doesn’t require any paper strips.

So, the pain is real! Therefore, it is imperative to find a good wax salon to limit pain and anxiety. But before we start to find the best salons for your fix, let’s first get ourselves familiarized with the whole concept. 

So, introduced back in 1987 by a group of Brazilian sisters (yes, really), the Brazilian has remained as the most popular hair removal method universally. Brazilian wax is a waxing process that involves using hot wax to get rid of the hair that would be visible when you wear a bikini bottom.

It removes hair includes the strands along the vagina lips and in your behind. You can opt to leave a triangle or landing strip of hair on top. Or, you can go fully bare. It is your choice.

The Three Things To Consider Before Going To A Wax Salon.

To reduce pain and anxiety levels, and to make the trip pleasant, it is important to consider these three factors before going to a waxing salon.

1. Technician Skills and Experience

The more experienced and well trained the practitioner, the less the chances you’ll end up in tears. If they are very good, the experience is painless or close to it. 

However, if a wax salon has a high technician turnover rate and keeps getting technicians trained from other places, the salon will have less control over the consistency of its service. This raises a red flag and makes you doubt their calibre. So, do your research and make sure they’re up to standard.

2. Type And Quality Of Wax 

It is true, some wax salons treatments can give you more pain than others. This largely attributes to the type of wax they are using. A good wax should not only remove the unwanted surface hair but also hair from the roots.

Removing it from the root can reduce regrowth period but it is more painful. So, if the roots are not removed the customer may feel good immediately after the ‘minimal pain’ waxing session.

But during the re-growth stage, there may be more incidences of in-growth hair and the hair is thicker.  The types of waxes will be explored in the later sections of this article.

3. Hygiene

Hygiene is important. The spatula or wooden sticks to apply the wax should not double-dip for hygiene reasons.  If the customer is already halfway through the treatment before realizing the ‘double-dipping’, it is a little late.

As it may mean they have been ‘double dipped’ before your appointment! Some wax salons still give you economic wet wipes that come in a big pack that customers dig in to get the wipes, instead of individually wrapped wet wipes. 

The Difference Between Soft Wax And Hard Wax.

Both soft and hard wax requires a wooden spatula to apply.  Soft wax requires pieces of fabric to help remove unwanted hairs and hard wax do not require such assistance.

Soft wax is cheaper than hard wax and thus very popular with many salons. Hard wax works particularly well with coarse hairs. Soft wax is suitable for finer hairs in a large spread of areas such as legs and hands and more sensitive areas such as underarms and the private parts.

Thus for Bazillion wax, using a combination of soft and hard wax is more ideal as the inner sensitive part will require more care and the bikini and front area will require wax with more strength. 

Here Are The Best Wax Salons Around Town For A Painless Finish.

We’ve handpicked the best wax bars around KL & Selangor that can ease the pain off and give you overall pleasant experience.

1. Brazilian Pro Waxing Salon


With an outlet in Mont Kiara Solaris and Desa Parkcity, Brazilian Pro- Waxing Salon uses the finest products imported from France and Australia. The wax is so gentle one the skin and suitable for those with sensitive skin. Placing emphasis on hygiene, disposable latex gloves and masks are worn by its therapists; disposable spatulas are used. They have a no-double dipped policy and waxing equipment is always sterilized.

2. De Wax Haus


Situated in Subang Jaya, De Wax Haus uses four different kinds of wax manufactured in France which can be used for all parts of the body to minimize pain and maximize effectiveness. Also, De Wax takes hygiene very seriously! They have a strict NO double-dip, NO re-used of spatula, tools & bed sheet policies to provide customers with the best hair removal experience!

3. Strip Ministry Of Waxing


With outlets in 12 major cities around the world, Ministry of Waxing is a big name in the waxing business. They are known to provide customers with a set of Brazilian waxing techniques designed to minimize pain. STRIP introduced the ‘No Double Dipping’ policy to ensure hygiene for their customers. Their mantra is hygiene, speed and quality. Their menu of secret-recipe lotions treat waxed areas with care and has products for post-wax care.

4. Honeypot Wax Boutique BSC

The multi-award-winning Honeypot has two outlets in Malaysia. They use their own blend of in-house was that has been concocted by certified chemists from Australia, called Honeypot. Served by professionally trained therapists to perform the Brazilian wax — 6 different versions, and other waxing needs. Honeypot has a range of after-care products for sales to addressing the customers’ post-wax needs.

5. Bubble Gum Wax 

At Bubble Gum Wax, they aim to provide the highest quality yet affordable hair removal treatments in town. They have been in the waxing industry for more than eight years and have professional therapists who are trained to give their customers the best service possible, all while in a comforting and relaxed environment. They guarantee that with their provided services, you are ensured to “Look your best. Be your best.” say bye-bye to shavers, and hello to Bubble Gum Wax’s waxing services!

6. The Pink Parlour 


To date, Pink Parlour has won over 17 accolades in the grooming industry and has its sights set on many more, as their commitment to high treatment standards and service levels has already won much recognition and distinction throughout Asia. They’re the first to introduce the use of gloves, no double dips and anti-bacteria fumigation, setting industry standards experienced across the island today. Professional waxing techniques and procedures were also introduced to reduce discomfort while waxing and being time efficient for busy clients.

7. Secret Wax


As a specialist in Brazilian waxing, Secret Wax wants every client to feel confident! Staffed with a team of professionals who care, Secret Wax provides a relaxing and comfortable waxing experience where the clients will receive only the best possible services and treatment. The prices, quality service and commitment to hygiene are second to none, and it should be assurance enough especially for first-time waxers. Secret Wax is committed to promoting the benefits of waxing among Asian people – and leave the clients feeling totally at ease.

8. Smooch Waxing Studio


Smooch Waxing Studio aims to provide upscale services in a chic, clean environment, all for reasonable prices. Since 2009, they’ve been in the waxing industry and provide services from head to toe, and anything in between. They are full-service waxing salon, specializing in body waxing and catering for women. While Smooch offers total body waxing, the Brazilian wax is their speciality. Smooch’s waxing specialists are trained to use a unique, quick waxing technique designed to minimize pain and leave guests’ skin smoother and with longer-lasting hair-free results.

9. Waxing Summer Place


Summer Waxing Place is a beauty salon located in the prime area of Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. Clients are immediately offered a selection of waxing services, just as they step into the tranquil, white-washed salon. You will be greeted by their caring and friendly staff who will lead you into their very own private room for their treatment services. As you go through their services you will receive sound advice as you relax within the calm surroundings.

10. Apronbay


Situated in Bangsar, Apronbay provides brow, waxing & nails services. They pride themselves in their services, and rightfully so as they pay the utmost attention to you, and only you as you receive their care. The wax sessions at Apronbay make extra sure that you are as comfortable as possible and do anything in their power to reduce any pain. Apronbay is the perfect place for you if you’re looking for a place that truly pampers you like a princess while making you feel at home.

11. Furless Waxing


Furless Waxing is a multi-award-winning salon is located in Jaya One. They carry three types of wax, specialised and imported into the country, each specialising in a different area to lighten the pain of hair removal and make sure even the shortest stubbles are removed. They serve their practices starting with double cleansing and continues with their strict no double-dipping policy in a chic and cosy atmosphere to serve its customers, indiscriminate of gender.

12. Wax Candy Bar


Established in 2016, Wax Candy The Wax Bar have made big efforts in ‘hygiene lifestyle’ and health promotion. This is why they strive to provide you with your respective personal hygiene in the cosiest and friendliest environment right there in their wax bar. Hygiene living is a lifelong effect, and with their professionally trained and friendly consultant and therapists, they would love for you to leave your worries and nervous to them as they will take your emotion to their own feelings.