Sometimes, no matter how many hundreds of dollars we spent buying skincare products, they failed to do us justice. There are still a lot of imperfections that need to be fixed. Our skin tones are still uneven, our large pores are visible, and not to mention we can’t master the art of contouring our nose to make them slimmer. If only we have an instant solution for all this problem? 

Enter, the good ole’ tweakments. Tweakments—a short, friendly word for ‘’getting the job done’’—has grown into popularity over the past couple of years. An offering of modern day technology and machines blended with the traditional, relaxing experience, it is truly the best of both worlds. Furthermore, the amount of time taken to complete a certain pampering treatment is shorter compared to other aesthetic treatment, not to mention the results are extravagant. Some even referred to these procedures as a ‘’quick lunchtime break’’. 

However, for some of you who never really had the experience in the aesthetic world before, the thoughts of finally getting one can be a very serious muddle. That’s why we suggest you opt for a ‘’natural’’ treatment first, before going big and changing your whole appearance altogether. So, what’s exactly a ‘’natural tweakments’’? Which procedure falls under these categories? Beauty Insider has all the tea when it comes to ‘’injecting’’ a fresher peek into your face, yet, maintaining your very own unique look.

What Is ”Natural Tweakments”?

Any treatment that considers adjusting, balancing, and enhancing a person’s look, (yet can still look normal and recognizable), falls under natural tweakments treatment. Natural tweakment procedure is super recommended for those of you who have never tried an aesthetic treatment before and looking for a way to familiarize yourself with one, first. It’s all about injecting a fresher look into your appearance and minimising the effects of ageing.

So, instead of spending hundreds of dollars buying different types of serum every month to help vanish the visible wrinkles, fine lines and uneven skin tones, you can just dismiss those problems with a simple treatment. In short, natural tweakment is not about changing your appearance 360 degrees, Kardashian style, but rather to help you feel more confident, motivated and look fresher than ever. Most natural tweakmanet procedures also don’t cost much, and usually take about an hour to get it done. See, you’re safe in every aspect. 

Start With A Simple Botox

There’s a reason why Botox is a number one choice when it comes to ‘’natural tweakment’’. Botox is actually less complicated than what some people aim to be. If you ever see a messed up botox-es face, that’s because they overused botox treatments and failed to differentiate between injecting a fresher look to changing their whole face structure. Sometimes, you don’t need to change your face to feel and look young. You just need a good glow to illuminate your appearance.

Botox was first introduced to minimize the effect of ageing and dull skin, but people nowadays tend to use the botox treatment as an alternative to ‘’freeze’’ their face instead, which is literally far from legal. Botox—when instilled in the right perimeter of your face, can gently lift the complexion. According to dermatologists, a small amount of botulinum toxin will be placed in the deepest layer of your skin, which will slowly reduce but preserve muscle movement. You will then start to see the fine lines, and wrinkles starting to shred.

Consider An Eyebrow Lift 

Another neutral tweaking to consider is the famous eyebrow lift procedure. This procedure is famous among celebrities and prominent figures alike. As we age, there will be very visible vertical lines starting to show in between the eyebrows. Not to mention the skin around eyes will start to fade and become lowered, this is when eyebrow lift will play a part.

An eyebrow lift will instantly help you get rid of ‘’tired and somber looking eyes’’ due to ageing. It will give you an effect of fuller and bigger eyes, yet have the same natural look. You wouldn’t even notice the difference (unless you look closely enough!). People wouldn’t even notice the needle effect around your eyebrow. In result, your eyes will have a more-rested looking position, as opposed to the tired, saggy and baggy eyes look. 

Hyaluronic Acid Around Your Mouth 

Another part of your face to consider in natural tweakment is the area around your mouth. We suggest you instal a hyaluronic acid procedure around the perimeter of your mouth for a more youthful look. If you notice, after some time, our skin starts to look more dull, dark and sad-looking, especially around the mouth. This is due to the fouly environment and stress lifestyle that we often expose ourselves to. So the solution? Injecting a Hyaluronic Acid.

But why Hyaluronic Acid around the mouth? Because Hyaluronic Acid is packed with water ingredients, they will be responsible to restore hydration, voluminsing the tissue fiber in which necessary and bring back elastin. So, since the area around our mouth is considered one of the most sensitive and prone to ageing, it’s what makes them the best place to inject Hyaluronic Acid. So, say goodbye to slacken muscles and bull-dog face problems. 

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