AHC Essential Eye Cream For Face, The Revolutionary Product To Attain Korean Glass Skin

By: Balqis Ariffin / October 22, 2021
Categories : Beauty News

Do you always want to attain perfectly looking glass skin like your favourite K-pop celebrities? We’re sure you do and luckily the wait is over. Rejoice, K-beauty lovers as we got some secret to spill! AHC, a Korean top-rated skincare brand has recently launched their new product, Essential Eye Cream for Face. We at the Beauty Insider are so obsessed with this product that it has become our staple! Trust us, you can never go wrong with this product. With its top-notch formulation and efficacy, we can definitely see why it started to garner cult favourite status. If you think that the Korean beauty trend is all about the 10 or 12 steps routine, you might want to rethink that. Sometimes, all a girl needs is the AHC New Essential Eye Cream for Face.

The AHC Essential Eye Cream For Face

It is expertly formulated with high concentration ingredients that are ideal for the areas around the eyes and face. Created with the Concentrated Microsome Technology it allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the deepest layers of the skin for intensive nourishment. Additionally, this 2-in-1 revolutionary cream is enriched with a powerful blend of amino acids, vitamins, 12 types of peptides and seven patented plant proteins. It is packed with hydrating, nourishing and firming properties that your skin needs.

As the name suggests, AHC Essential Eye Cream For Face is a multipurpose product that works wonders for the whole face. On top of that, it is clinically proven to significantly boost the skin’s hydration levels for up to 82% in one application. This highly loved product also helps to reverse the signs of ageing including wrinkles and fine lines.

With its advanced formulation, it helps you to easily attain Korean glass skin in just one step. According to Stephanie Ko, the AHC SEAA Brand Manager, “In these (still) stressful pandemic times, Malaysian Holistic Beauties appreciate the value of simplifying their skincare down to the essentials and it is no surprise that “skinimalism” and “skip care” are the growing beauty trends. Malaysian women are seeing trends in minimal to no makeup, glow-getting skincare products and looking close-up ready on and off-screen.”

She added,” Forget 10, 11, 12 or however many steps we’ve been told needs to be in a skincare routine. Maintain resilient, healthy glassy skin in a single step with AHC’s Essential Eye Cream for Face. We want women to experience the luxurious Korean aesthetic skincare rituals at home. Infused with expert skincare know-how and offered at a reasonable price, this 2-in-1 face moisturiser with unmatched quality will capture the hearts of women in Malaysia.”

You can apply the AHC Essential Eye Cream alone or as a special treatment to improve your overall complexion. Simply apply a thin layer and leave it overnight, you’ll wake up to youthful and radiant looking skin in the morning. Trust us, we tried this product and we absolutely can’t leave without it. Our skin has shown tremendous improvements in terms of hydration and complexion. Needless to say, it is a staple for every girl’s routine.

The AHC Essential Eye Cream is available in two sizes, 30 ML (RM123) and 10ML (RM39). You can purchase this product at Watsons or head to their official online store Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora.

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