Hair is a woman’s best accessory. Dress it up or down, short or long, the sky’s the limit when it comes to hairstyle. Making waves in the beauty and fashion industry, K-Pop sensation, Blackpink has inspired the work behind South Korea’s trusted hair cosmetic brand’s latest offering: the mise en scène HELLO CREAM, created to bring out the beauty in you. Fellow Blinks (Blackpink fans) rejoice as you have more quality hair colour options to channel your inner Blackpink at heart.

HELLO CREAM is crafted to complement your skin tone, creating a brightening effect to your face with its personalised colour range. Available in 6 neutral colours that are customised to your needs by personal colour experts, from cool, neutral to warm shades, find your best colour match at your nearest Watsons stores nationwide and online in Warm Brown, Warm Coral, Cool Brown and Cool Ash. Mute Brown and Cool Black will be launched exclusively on mise en scène’s Official Online Shop

A Total New Gel Cream Type Personal Colour For Your Hair

mise en scène HELLO CREAM is a gel-cream-based hair dye that is easy to use and has a delightfully unique gel-cream texture that sets it distinct from other hair colour products. Even for self-hair dye rookies, the new gel-cream texture spreads smoothly and quickly, clinging to hair without running down, making application a breeze without having to worry about stains.

Unlike traditional cream-based hair dyes, the HELLO CREAM comes with a dual-comb applicator that uniformly disperses an even amount of the gel-cream via the holes of the comb top for effortless hair colour application that is as easy as combing your hair. mise en scène HELLO CREAM comes with a hair colourant solution to be mixed with an oxidising agent and wrapping ampoule for foolproof hair dye application. The entire hair-dying process will take no more than 30 minutes, and the result will be silky nourishing-coloured hair.

The HELLO CREAM also comes with a Wrapping Ampoule that reduces hair damage by forming an anion protective film over the surface of the hair to protect your hair and colour. It also provides long-lasting colour without fading easily.

Kera-P Protein And Nourishing Ingredients To Strengthen And Protect Hair And Colour

The new HELLO CREAM is created with Kera-P proteins in micro particles to keep hair feeling soft and assist boost hair strength after colouring since they are absorbed deep into the hair. Kera-P proteins are extracted from soybeans and rice to fit diverse hair textures.

The nourishing ingredients in the premium hair colour gel-cream include 7-Amino Acid Complex, Royal Jelly, Jeju Propolis, Olive Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, and Argan Oil, which provide your mane with the hydration and gloss it requires. Not only that, but the HELLO CREAM hair colour has a pleasant green, fruity-floral scent thanks to a unique combination of fresh pear and cool grass scents, topped off with a sweet apple scent, along with floral notes of Muguet and jasmine on a soft base note of musk and wood, making it a top contender on your vanity essentials.

mise en scène HELLO CREAM has received glowing reviews on Allure magazine with 98.1% satisfaction from their readers. Glowpick, a renowned Korean beauty review site shared a whopping 98.3% reviews of satisfaction after usage- a testimony of how the new HELLO CREAM is well-loved and raved. Now, fellow Blinks, How You Like That?


Step 1: Pour the entire contents of Solution 1 and 3 into the Solution 2 Container and mix

Step 2: Replace the cap with dual-comb cap

Step 3: Apply on hair like combing hair

Step 4: Leave on for 30 mins. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly with warm water

Step 5: Use Salon 10 Damage Care Treatment to treat and nourish your hair

On the order of hair colourant application, apply starting from the back side of the head where the hand cannot reach easily to ensure thorough application. Split hair into sections for convenient hair dyeing.

1-Minute Personal Colour Guide

When choosing the ideal hair colour shades according to your skin tone, the HELLO CREAM colour guide based on Personal Colour including skin tone, lips colours, eye colours and more is easily found on the product package, e-commerce official stores and mise en scène official social media platforms. For a fail-proof outcome, mise en scène aims to provide realistic visualisation for shoppers with a detailed colour guide that shows precise end results of each HELLO CREAM colour for the best natural colour match to add that brightening and glowing effect to your face. 

Our Thoughts

Having tried many different hair dyes, the mise en scène HELLO CREAM is probably one of our favourites. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and the whole process took us only half an hour. Our hair was already pretty damaged from previous bleachings but after using this hair dye, it was surprisingly soft and smooth. Overall, we love the colour it provides and also how easy it was to use it.
The mise en scène HELLO CREAM is now available for RM53 at Watsons stores nationwide, both online and offline, as well as on mise en scène official e-commerce platforms including Lazada, Shopee, and Official Online Shop

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