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Best Of Personal Care

Best Female Pad

REFINED Organic Bamboo Pads

Choice of Awards: Editors' Choice

Why your product is loved:

These REFINED pads are devoid of harmful chemicals, chlorine, and fragrances. You may choose between regulars, maxi flows, and thin liners for everyday usage, so you're sure to find one you like! Additionally, they have a pH that is neutral, making them perfect for sensitive skin in and around the vaginal area. This guarantees that you won't have another uncomfortable experience.

Best Grooming Device

SmoothSkin Pure Fit

Choice of Awards: Best Innovative Brands

Why your product is loved:

It's never been simpler to get rid of body hair, especially with the SmoothSkin Pure Fit! This industry expert in hair removal devices employs cutting-edge technology to create its IPL tools, particularly those obstinately stubby ones! It uses a Smart Skin Sensor to analyse your skin before zapping the hair, ensuring it is compatible for your skin for a genuinely tailored experience. It has 3 settings that are pleasant and simple to use.