Insider Trend: 4 Beauty Looks That Spellbind The Crowd At Milan Fashion Week!

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / September 28, 2021
Categories : Beauty News

the trend. Not only do they provide us with a glimpse of the next big fashion trends, but also supply us with the future takes of makeups or beauty looks. And honestly, with this year’s fashion weeks, we’re humbled to receive a lot of ‘’spoilers’’ when it comes to the upcoming trends. Since a few weeks ago, we have been actively covering a few articles regarding beauty trends set by the glamour industry itself, and some of them have already been slowly made their way around our radar. 

Things like neon eyeshadow, encrusted brows, hair accessories, and many others are expected to surface before the year ends. And we can’t even be more excited to welcome them with our open, sincere arms. But with Milan Fashion Week that has been taking its place recently, we saw even more 90’s style creepingly crawling it way back into the fashion world. And if we could summarize it, it’s one big party indeed. That was the theme honestly—and everyone around the world aggressively nodding their heads that they’re super duper ready to put on their party heads after almost a year of being lock away due to to quarantine. 

Big brands like Fendi, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana and more, showered their show with a sense of glitz, glam and sultry. We’re here at Beauty Insider really cannot contain our excitement when we go through all the possible beauty trends that are set to surface anytime, any moment soon. And we noted that there’s 5 big trends that you should pay attention to. Check them out. 


We absolutely love, love, love this trend. If you’re a true 90’s kid you’d understand the love for head scarves or bandanas. There’s nothing cooler than to wrap your hair around with a silk scarf and act like you’re Naomi Campbell starring in the rnb music videos or just simply mirroring your favourite rock band like Nirvana. Big brands like Versace and Giorgio Armani really brought in the trends when they decided to doll up their models with a headscarf as the hair accessories. It’s not shocking to us when it comes to this trend, though, Dua Lipa has been heavily promoting the trend for a while now. Affordable fashion like H&M and Zara also have been selling silk scarves for quite some time. Absolutely loving this trend. 

Extra Shiny Lip Gloss

See, another 90’s trends making its comeback. Gone are the days where beauty lovers only opt for lip matte or lipstick. Now, the big brands prophecies that lip gloss will be replacing those heavy, thick liquid lipstick. And we literally have Juicy Tubes to be thankful for this trend. Lip gloss is now slowly becoming the fans’ favourite ever since its launch. If you were to look into the Blumarine show, they were really emphasizing the lip gloss trend with coating their models’ lips with glossy, glitzy and high-shine looks. On the other hand, Peter Philips pays tribute to fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez with lineups of Studio 54-worthy red lacquered lips at the outstanding Fendi show. Also, good news, shiny lip glosses aren’t the only way to celebrate the disco mode. We suggest you invest in some good body glitter, to further show your commemoration out of lockdown. 

Poker Straight-Hair

Poker-straight hairstyle—refers to the glamorous, silky, super-long, hairstyle that you often see rocked by the supermodels. It was first debuted in the year of somewhere in the 90’s. And if you noticed, a lot of beauty looks from the two decades ago started to resurface. As they should—because nothing compared to the nostalgic beauty. And thanks to celebrity hair stylists, who also happened to be one of Vogue’s contributing beauty editors, Guido Palau, he decided to bring back the iconic hairstyles at the recent Versace x Fendi event. According to the legend himself, he said the first step to achieve super smooth silky hair is to look for a shampoo that eases the frizz like Oribe’s Run Through Detangling Shampoo. The product is known to not only help detangle your hair but protect your mane from the frequent hair tools you’ve used. They’ll give you a mirror-like shine that you desire. He also said that in order to get the straightest hair possible, make sure to apply a good amount of hair protection like hair oil before straightening your hair. After that, coat your already-straightened hair with a good lightweight hair cream like Larry King’s A Social Life For Your Hair.

Middle Partings

Speaking of hairs, there’s actually another nostalgic trend that made its humble appearance during Milan Fashion Week. Our oldie faves, the middle parting. Obviously, they received somewhat lower coverage than its sister, the poker-straight hairstyle. The middle parting hairstyle used to rule the world, remember? Everywhere you look it’s just a bunch of women straightening their hair with middle parting. And though, the look has slowly withdrawn for quite some time, now they’re back and stronger than ever. Fendi, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana pulled out this hairstyle with a few drops of lustry installed to the look. 

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