Beauty News: Ariana Grande Confirmed Her Cosmetic Line, R.E.M Beauty

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / September 13, 2021
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Raise your hands if you’re honestly—sincerely—couldn’t keep up any longer with these celebrities dropping their beauty lines left and right? First, after the successful launch of Kylie Cosmetics, Rihanna instigated FentyBeauty—which surprisingly both have tied up on billionaire status kudos to their cosmetic line. We then saw the rise of Rare Beauty, the child of talented artist Selena Gomez. Then, JLo announced that she is launching a skincare line too, and after that we saw a random duo of Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer leaping into the beauty business, not long after, Scarlett Johansson followed suit. And now, after weeks of speculation, the pop princess Ariana Grande revealed that she is indeed launching a beauty line called, R.E.M Beauty. Whew! That was quite a list. 

And to be transparent, how good are these products compared to OG’s beauty line that really prioritizes the quality of each product as opposed to following ‘’hype’’ trends? Remember when at the end of the 90’s and early 2000’s where A-listers from Mariah Carey to Paris Hilton were dropping their perfume lines like there’s no tomorrow? So, is the beauty line considered the current ‘’trendy things’’ for these Hollywood celebs? The world may never know. Were they decided to initiate the business because they know they have a massive cult-following and saw this opportunity to broaden their revenue? Hm, questions, questions, and more questions

Anyhow, after weeks of guessing around, Ariana Grande finally came forward and revealed that she indeed will be launching her own beauty line called R.E.M beauty. With the same title as her song from the famous ‘’Sweetener’’ album. And here’s what Beauty Insider understands so far. 

Get To Know R.E.M Beauty

Okay, if we’re speaking the truth here, is there anything that Ariana Grande cannot do? The 28-years-old beauty first made her debut in the Hollywood’s eye as a teenager, where she actively starred on Nickelodeon’s, Sam and Cat series. She then slowly began to climb her stairs into fame by going solo in the recording world, producing numerous hit singles and albums—charming fans all over the world with her angelic voice. And that’s how she slowly broadened her experience in the business and media industry, launching several successful perfume collections. That’s when, according to the talented singer, she knew she had to come up with an extension product to her scents collection. She sat down with Allure Magazine to explain the idea behind her new venture saying, ‘’They’re our main storytellers […] and my source of communication with my fans.’’ And for R.E.M Beauty, the brand will be overseen by one of the prior in the beauty game, Forma Brands which is owned by none other than Morphe. That’s a big gun, though

What To Expect From R.E.M Beauty? 

Just like other latest beauty brands on the rise, R.E.M Beauty will consist of a few main products—for starters—it will take time for Ari and her team to monitor what products shall be added on the next collection. She said to consider the first collection as ‘’testing the water’’, to see if fans will come to like the products and what needs to be improved and added next. So, for this initial launch, you can expect a fine-point eyeliner marker, mate liquid eyeshadows, eye toppers, lipstick, lip glosses, mascara and false lashes that mimic the one that Ariana uses every day. Hm, not that much, but remember what Ariana says; we take things, slow and steady. But hold on, the false lashes part really caught our eyes, though. According to Ariana, ‘’I have quite a small eye size, so it’s really bummer to have to cut and customize my own false lashes. So I guess, I’d come up with my own.’’ Okay, that’s really a boss move. 

The Extended To Her Perfume Line

If you’re really a fan of Ariana, you’ll know that this is not her first time launching a product. Her fragrance line, which also mirrors the name of songs from her best-selling albums—God Is A Woman, Moonlight, Sweetener and Thank U, Next, are all successfully labeled as hot items ever since it hits the shelf at cosmetic stores. So, shall we expect the same with R.E.M Beauty? Guess we’ll have to wait for this one. Noticing these blockbuster hits, Ari decided she had to come up with a few other brands, to properly line up under the same house. It will be like giving birth to her own baby, instead of placing one particular product in the free hand of a ‘’stranger’’. She said, ‘’I know I have to do something. You know, over the years if people see something they’ll instantly ask me, ‘Oh I love your highlighter, what are you wearing’, and I’m like, ‘I don’t know, sweating?’. Very funny Ariana, but hey she’s right though. If you started to hear your calling, then that’s definitely your sign. 

When To Expect R.E.M Beauty? 

According to this petite singer, she is expecting to launch the brand this coming Fall season—but the exact date? We have no idea, she’s keeping it a secret. Anyway, Ari said that the brand will arrive in a series of ‘’drops’’ similar to Supreme clothing.. Or like, idk, Beyonce album? We’ll just sit back and wait. No worries

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