Hailey Bieber is one, if not the most envioust star to ever live on this planet earth. How can she not? She literally has been blessed with it all—a famous husband, a dreamy last name, a tranquil job, flawless skin and a sexy sculpted figura. And predominantly, her sexy, sculpted figure lies behind her intense workout session that involves hot pilates and yoga. She has long been a fan of healthy diets too. Believe it or not, her daily consumption consists of greens and gluten-free meals.

And between photo shoots, red carpet, fashion shows and running a successful YouTube channel, how do Hailey Bieber manage to maintain and stick through to her workout session? Here, Beauty Insider has all the scoops to achieve the supermodel’s snatched abs, what she eats in a day and what keeps her motivation going. Scroll down to learn more! 

Hailey’s Balanced Diet 

When it comes to her 3 meals per day, Hailey did not come to play. The 24-years-old model once revealed that she had a personal trainer, combined with a personal chef to monitor her daily consumption of food. I mean c’mon, she is a supermodel afterall, she can’t be simply swallowing burgers and chicken at any random time of the day. Hailey is really strict when it comes to food as well. On a regular day, her breakfast consists of a good bunch of eggs or oatmeal, adding up to some healthy protein on the side like a smoothie. For lunch, she usually opt for salad, fish, grilled veggies and sometimes a simple sandwich—just to keep her tummy feeling full. Hailey once stated that she really tried to be away from gluten as much as she possibly could. For her salad of choice, a good simple kale caesar salad is always her go-to-choice but with no croutons. As for dinner, she will casually take the same lines as what she had earlier for lunch, but if she’s looking for something different, a gluten-free pasta is always the choice. She also said she’ll munch a veggie if she feels hungry throughout the day. Um.. before you even asked, yes it is normal. 

Pilates And Yoga

This beauty right here—if you don’t already know, used to be a ballet. So PIlates has always helped to get her body personally in the best shape because of its way of elongating her figure. Hailey once tell Women’s Health Going For Goal Podcast that, ‘’A lot of movements in pilates are very much similar and common to regular dancing, so it’s technically easy to perform.’’ Hm, nice to know. However, regular pilates isn’t always her go-to-choice. She much prefers those heavy, steamy and intermediate level sweat sessions. According to this Saggitarius, the more sweat dripping out of her body, the better she felt. She has been a ‘’member’ of hot pilates for quite some time—and when you do any hot class, your muscles are more pliable. She is literally addicted to sweat, and anything that can help her face getting as red as tomato!

Her Pescetarianism Diet 

Here’s some bombshell revelation, over the past two and a half years, Hailey admitted that she has cut meat (other than fish), and has completely migrated to vegan life. So it is no surprise that she mostly consumes a veggie based diet on a daily basis. As a result, she felt more clear, healthier and energetic than before. We can’t really say the same for Justin though, because he is still somewhat a big fan of meat, as far as we are concerned. Hailey ever since then has been actively advocating and promoting a healthy eating and lifestyle on all across her social media. 

Her Makeup Products 

Here’s a little additional information that you would want to know. When it comes to makeup applications for Hailey, the key is to carefully choose the makeup brands or products that are suitable for your skin. In Hailey’s case however, her makeup artist, Denika uses only the bareMinerals products. Since Hailey is the ambassador to the worldwide brand—it’s a bonus. Here’s a little infos about bareMinerals, their ingredients are mostly free from any chemical elements, and are safe for your skin’s health. For a perfect base, Hailey makes sure to moisturize and prepped her skin before applying any cosmetics. She opted for bareMinerals’ Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer. The SPF inside will help you shield your skin from the unwanted sun damage. So your skin will get the hydration it deserves. Next, she chose the Original Liquid Mineral concealer. Hailey’s used that to cover complexion around the eyelids as a base. She then makes sure to set the liquid in place with Original Mineral Veil Pressed Setting Powder. And tadaa! Your skin will look as flawless as Hailey’s! 

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