Beautyexpo 2019 Malaysia

Beautyexpo Malaysia 4-7 October 2019

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Beauty Insider Malaysia is excited to be participating, for our very first time, in this year’s Beautyexpo! The 19th Beautyexpo will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre spanning 4 days, from 4th to 7th October 2019. The longest-running beauty expo in Southeast Asia attracts the participation of international players in the beauty industry.

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Beautyexpo 2019 for Professionals

Beautyexpo 2019 gathers beauty industry professionals and consultants, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors from across the globe for the 4-day event. The trade exhibition spans 7,500 sq m of space housing over 350 exhibiting companies from over 25 Countries.

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It provides a venue for the participants to showcase their products and services, launches and new innovations. By all means, a conducive platform for industry players to come together to meet, exchange ideas and even to explore business opportunities.

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Exhibition Zones and Country Pavilions

So mark your calendars for the 19th Beauty Expo 2019! Visitors will be treated to a wide array of beauty and beauty-affiliated products such as packaging, furniture, establishment supporting software and equipment from both local and international suppliers. 

An exciting new zone is added to this year’s event – the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) / ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) Zone. Besides finished goods, this new zone will also accommodate raw and semi-processed goods. The OEM/ODM Zone makes up a total of 6 product zones and 4 Country zones.

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Dedicated Exhibition Zones:
  1. OEM / ODM Zone (new) – Healthy equipment and accessories, supplements, health and wellness products’ tools and oral hygiene, raw and semi-processed goods.
  2. Beauty Zone – Skincare, toiletries accessories and equipment for beauty salon, spa companies, products and treatments.
  3. Hair Zone – Professional hair care, colour and styling products, accessories, tools and accessories, salon services, furnishing and tools.
  4. Make-up and Education Zone – Cosmetics, makeup, tools and accessories, education tools, courses and providers.
  5. Nail Zone – Nail care, nail colour, tools, accessories and equipment. Nail salon furniture, services and tools.
  6. Halal Beauty Zone – Beautyexpo is the only beauty trade show that has a dedicated Halal Cosmetics zone, exhibiting beauty products by Muslim Community or with Halal certification.
Country Pavilions:
  1. Singapore
  2. Korea
  3. Taiwan
  4. Thailand
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Attractive Programs

hair styling demonstration at the beautyexpo

This year, the organizers have planned some exciting programs for visitors. They will showcase the latest in the beauty industry has to offer! These programmings include stage shows, educational seminars, live demonstrations and international competitions.

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Highlights include the following:

4th October 2019, 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm – Seminar by SME International Trade Association (SMITA) Malaysia on the ‘Effective Export Strategies and pitfalls to avoid’.

4th October 2019, 4.30 pm – 6 pm – Hair Legacy featuring

  • Francis Siew (Code6)
  • Elvin Soh (E.Vogue)
  • Eddie Tan (X’pect Studio)
  • Shawn Loong (Shawn Cutler)
  • Datin Winnie Loo (A Cut Above)

7 October 2019, 10 am – 1 pm – Asia Pacific Spa Wellness Coalition (APSWC) Seminar on:

  • The Details and the Professionalism in the Spa Industry that make the difference by Ayu Mudiasih, Director of Membership APSWC
  • “Understanding the Culture and Traditions from which the spa and wellness industry borrows” by Madam Alexandra Sutopo, President and Chairman of BSWA (Bali Spa & Wellness Association)

Hair Wave – a celebration to creativity, hair art and barbering. Program of events including:

  • Spectacular hair shows
  • Artist-led workshops
  • Barber talk show
  • Competitions

7th October 2019 – Hair and Makeup Competition

  • International Mastery Hair Competition (IMHC)
  • International Mastery Makeup Competition (IMMC)

Categories include ‘Professional’ and ‘Student’. For more information, visit the official Beautyexpo 2019 website by clicking here.

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Beautyexpo 2019 for Public

lipsticks and makeup tools at the beautyexpo

Good news for beauty enthusiasts! The international trade exhibition is open to the public on the weekend (5th and 6th October 2019), while remaining open for beauty professionals on all four days.

The public will get to check out the latest offerings and even purchase products, tools and accessories from beauty brands and suppliers that do not yet have a retail outlet in Malaysia.

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