Korean brand Belif has a line of anti-ageing skin care collection for the sensitive skin. This new and exciting line is belif Prime Infusion. The products from the Prime Infusion line harness the properties of mountain daisies to firm, plump and improve the elasticity of skins.


The benefits of the humble daisy flower for the skin are well known, these include the following:


The healing abilities of daisies coupled with their anti-bacterial properties made them a suitable topical applicator for wounds and injuries to the skin. Daisies have been treated, and then used as ointment for soldiers who are wounded as early as 2000 years ago.

Skin Lightening

Daisy flower extract has properties to inhibit the production of tyrosine, an amino acid necessary for the formation of melanin. Melanin in turn is mainly responsible for the discolouration of skin.

It is also thought to lighten and brighten skin.


Malic and tartaric acids have lightening, firming and exfoliating effects that naturally increase cell turnover. Daisy flower extract contains these acids which helps with pre-mature wrinkles and sagging.

Friendly to sensitive skin

High in antioxidants and exfoliating acids, daisy flower extract is believed to be friendly to sensitive skin types.

Natural alternative to synthetic hydraquinone

Daisy flower extract is a natural alternative ingredient for those who are sensitive to synthetic hydraquinone, used in some skincare products for skin lightening.

Prime Infusion’s Solar Nectar Infusion Technology

Belif has taken extra steps in their extraction process to optimize the natural properties of the mountain daisies. Each flower is individually picked and then dried in the shade. The Mountain Daisies are soaked in nectar instead of oil. Nectar is known for its soothing, moisturizing and nourishing benefits that help in skin regeneration. The traditional method of solar infusion is used, to preserve the delicate active ingredients.

Skincare concerns addressed by Prime Infusion

Prime Infusion is designed to address the following skin concerns:

  1. Ageing skin
  2. Sensitive skin
  3. External aggressors

Ageing skin is not only confined to just the increasingly visible signs of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin becomes thinner, retains less moisture, more prone to attacks from the external aggressors, loss of skin density which changes the skin contour as skin sags.

Prime Infusion Collection

The Prime infusion line with antioxidant and anti-ageing properties, are suitable for sensitive skins.  The collection currently includes a toner, an essence, eye cream, repair emulsion, their star product repair cream and an ampoule set for a 6-week intensive treatment programme. 

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