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Benefits of a Warm Foot Soak

Categories : Wellness

One of the simplest ways to unwind and relax after a long day is a warm foot soak. It can easily be wiped up in the comforts of your own home. Use a deep basin so the water can cover the whole of your feet. Wooden basins will keep the temperatures longer. Adding things to the warm water gives extra benefits. Such additions can include Epsom salt, essential oils, flowers and herbs. These foot soaks benefit from the properties of these additions and enhances the experiences.

Here are some benefits of soaking your feet in warm water:

Relaxes and Soothes

Once your feet enter the warm water, it relaxes you from your feet up. It relieves any tensions you have on your feet and soothes you, calming your body and mind.

Relief aches and pains

The warm water relieves aches and pains, and elevates stress off your feet.

Blood Circulation

The warm water foot soak improves blood circulation. The increased blood flow carries more oxygen throughout the body.

Promotes Sleep

The foot soak relaxes the body and mind, which helps you to unwind and sleep easier.

Cleanses and Softens Your Feet

The warm water opens the skin pores on your foot, allowing oils and dirt trapped to be released and wash away. It also softens your feet to help prevent thick calluses. The warm temperature keeps in check bacterial build-up under toenails, cuts and blisters.


Adding items to your warm water will provide additional benefits to your foot soak.

Salts – adding salts to the warm water reduces swelling and lower your chances of developing a bacterial infection in cuts, blisters and under toenails.

Epsom Salt – contains sulphate and magnesium which helps to reduce swelling, ease muscle cramps and joint pain. It helps to eliminate foot odours.

Essential Oils – takes on the benefits and properties of the essential oils.