Here are some reasons why you should ditch your plastic and metal combs for wooden ones! Wooden combs and even wooden brushes are suitable for all hair types. It can be universally used on curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, short hair or long hair.

wooden comb

Gentle on your Scalp – does not Bruise or Scrap

Plastic and metal combs can be rough on your scalp. Wooden combs have a softer feel with their rounded, smoother and wider teeth. It will not bruise and scrap your scalp while combing.

Massages your Scalp

Combing your hair with a wooden comb has a similar effect as a scalp massage. The rounded teeth of the wooden comb stimulate the scalp and the scalp cells, which also helps to increase blood circulation.

Promotes Blood Circulation to your Scalp

Wooden combs promote blood circulation to your scalp. Blood circulation brings in nutrients that the hair roots and scalp needs to promote healthy locks and hair growth.

Prevents Damage from Static Electricity

Plastic and metal combs could cause high amounts of static on your hair. Static makes your hair weak, it could damage hair making it prone to breakage. Wooden comb does not produce static electricity.

Gentle on Hair

The smooth wide teeth of wooden combs are gentle on your hair. They glide gently on the hair and do not pull or tug the hair when combing. In contrast, plastic and metal combs create more friction on your hair and have a tendency of pulling and tugging the hair.


Plastic and metal combs are harsher on the scalp then wooden combs, which may increase the chance of scalp irritation. The irritated scalp is more likely to lead to dandruff and itchy scalp. Wooden combs, on the other hand, are gentle on the scalp and hair, massages the scalp while combing and distributes oil around. These factors help to keep dandruff at bay.

Encourages Hair Growth:

A healthy scalp with better blood circulation means hair follicles getting the nutrients they need to boost healthy hair. Regular combing with a wooden comb also boosts oil glands in the scalp, which helps in eliminating or removing impurities by regulating sebum production.

Conditions Hair

Wooden comb redistributes natural oil from your scalp to the length of your hair. This natural coating helps protect the hair – strengthening hair from breakages and split ends. Furthermore, it makes hair shinier and adds bounce to your hair.

Prevents Greasiness

Oil-producing glands under the surface of the scalp’s skin produce serum. Serum concentrating around the scalp area makes your hair look greasy. As mentioned, wooden comb distributes oil around and along the hair shaft. A good combing with a wooden comb will spread the oils and cancel out the greasy look.

Removes Dirt and Foreign Particles

Metal and plastic combs have static charges in them. So when they come into contact with dirt particles on your hair, they stick to these combs and gets redistributed. A wooden comb helps to clear these particles from your hair and scalp. 

Prevents Allergies

For those with sensitive scalps, plastic or metal combs may irritate the scalp. Natural wood is hypoallergenic and is less likely to cause such a reaction.

More comfortable to use with a dryer

Wooden combs are more comfortable to use with a hairdryer as they do not heat up like metal combs and plastic combs do not fare well under heat.

two-toned wooden comb

What to look out for

Wooden combs come in different sizes and shapes, sometimes for different benefits. They are made from different types of wood, such as sandalwood, pear wood, bamboo and Neem wood.

Avoid harmful chemicals to come in contact with your hair or scalp by picking combs which are

  • Not varnished
  • Not coated with paint
  • Without treatment from other chemicals