After a long period of rigorous diet and exercise, some people are plagued with stubborn bulges that just won’t go away. Although it seems that these fat deposits are resistant to anything, undergoing a body shaping treatment can help to deliver the hourglass figure of your dreams. Introducing Bespoke Treatment by Dr Alice, a minimally invasive procedure that utilises innovative technology to deliver optimal results. With its holistic approach in combining wellness and beauty all under one roof, Dr Alice Ageless Medispa is known to propagate beauty from within, upholding its fundamental value.

Bespoke Treatment By Dr Alice 

Curated by Datuk Dr Alice, Bespoke Treatment combines different approaches for body shaping treatment. Touted as a triple threat, it merges three treatments namely CoolSculpting, Onda Coolwaves and Wonder Treatment, delivering a powerful three-in-one therapy.

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment that features cooling technology to freeze and reduce stubborn fat cells without damaging other skin tissues. This FDA-approved procedure is suitable to remove excess fat deposits on the abdomen, love handles, breast rolls, back body fat, arms and inner thighs. Aside from ensuring fat reduction, it helps to contour the targeted body parts, leaving them looking firmer and toned.

With the expertise of Dr Alice, the Bespoke Treatment also incorporates ONDA by DEKA. It is the first-ever system that utilises the patented technology of  Coolwaves® to precisely eliminate fat deposits. During the Onda Coolwaves, headpieces which emit 2.45GHz microwaves frequency will be applied to the targeted areas.  It allows the energy to circulate easily and targets the sub-dermal fat layer without damaging the cell membranes.

This non-invasive treatment also accelerates cellular metabolic processes and collagen production to transform your figure. Equipped with a built-in Integrated Cooling System, it counteracts the heat energy produced by the microwaves to protect the skin’s upper layers from excessive heat. This body sculpture treatment delivers three-in-one effects to eliminate localised fat, minimise cellulite and boost skin tightening, ensuring long-lasting results.

Wonder Treatment is the latest muscle toning technology that can deliver your dream silhouette. It combines Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation and high-intensity selective neuro-stimulation to target the main muscles simultaneously. What’s more, it provides a whopping 52,000 contractions in just 25 minutes, helping to burn excess fat and build muscle.

Apart from minimising the appearance of cellulite, sagging skin and stretch marks, Wonder Treatment helps to add abs definition, lift the buttock and tone the muscle. You will also notice dramatic weight loss as Wonder Treatment increases the muscular mass and supports fat loss. In contrast to regular exercise, you can see visible effects in as early as two to four weeks. With the combination of CoolSculpting, Onda Coolwaves and Wonder Treatment developed exclusively by Dr Alice, the Bespoke Treatment will ensure that you attain the preferred outcomes with no side effects.

Who is Suitable For Bespoke Treatment? 

The Bespoke Treatment is suitable for those with stubborn fat areas that require more than just extensive exercise and training. It is ideal if you want to eliminate excess fat deposits and contour your figure.

What Result Can You Expect From Bespoke Treatment?

With the combination of three different treatments curated by Dr Alice, you will notice an overall improvement in your body figure including a toned silhouette, tighter-looking skin and loss in centimetres of the targeted areas.

How Much Does The Treatment Cost?

The Bespoke Treatment costs RM15,000 which is inclusive of 10 treatments, constituting one CoolSculpting Treatment,  three Onda Treatments and six Wonder Treatments. Currently, they’re offering a limited-time promotion which allows users to enjoy one part trial for only RM12,000. This special rate is simply too tempting to pass up.

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