The 8 Best Beauty Trends From Paris Fashion Week You Should Rock This 2020!

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It’s that glamorous time of the year again!!! Nope, no royal weddings or celebrities babies news, we are just excited over the hype-worthy Paris fashion week. C’mon, how can you not to be excited about it?! It is one of the biggest events in the world of fashion and beauty. From the major celebrities goals to the previews of some of the best beauty trends to rock this 2020, Couture Week has got it all! 

In case y’all don’t know, Couture Week is the best time to take note of the best hair and makeup trends coming your way. For beauty and fashion enthusiasts, Couture Week holds a special place in the heart as it is the best time to find beauty inspiration for your everyday life. It’s where some of the most extreme and imaginative looks are born!  

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Furthermore, Couture Week in Paris is the most renowned fashion show in the world, thanks to its exclusivity. Only a handful of designers can present their designs on the official schedule. And when they do you are just blown away from the intricate details of each design that reflect nothing but love dedication for beauty and fashion. 

Now, that you’ve understood why Paris Fashion Week holds a special place in the world of beauty and fashion, let’s break down the key takeaways from the Couture Week that all of us can rock this 2020! Below are the eight most creative and inspiring beauty looks for the Paris Fashion Week that you should totally try at least once this year!

1. Tattoos

From Dior to Viktor & Rolf everyone incorporated body art to accentuate their designs. Models were seen with temporary tattoos on their faces, arms, and necks. With the theme of the year being rough and soft, couture designers wanted to give a twist to the ‘doll’ look hence the face and body tattoos come in the picture. If you’re sceptical about huge rustic tattoos than opts for the minimal ones seen in Dior shows. Those good-feeling and positive words tattoos like ‘love,’ ‘flower,’ or ‘peace are just what you need!

2. Pastel Eyeshadow

2020 is all about minimal feminine eye makeup looks. All big designers like Ralph & Russo, Marc Jacobs and more featured a glamorous collection of feathered gowns, soft flowy dresses, and feminine skirts. Most of the pieces were anchored in a pastel colour palette, such as teal, pink, and light green. You can try something similar by opting for pastel shades pale blue, pink to the lid and top of the eye look some soft glitters.

3. Neon Lips

Well, what is Paris Fashion Week without some drama, right?! This year’s show was all about the dramatic colourful lips. You would notice how top supermodels totally nailed the innovative colourful lip looks for Maison Margiela’s show. You too can pull a statement lips like that. Go for unconventional shades like orange, blue, green, and yellow and leave the rest of the face bare to highlight the lip! 

4. Face Embellishments 

This year’s Couture Week was extra special and emotional as Jean-Paul Gaultier held his final show after serving 50 years in fashion. The designer presented an array of looks that were inspired by his previous collections, and many of the beauty looks seen during the show were also throwbacks to the past. Only of the cult classic that made its comeback is face embellishments. Models like Bella and Gigi Hadid had metallic gold and silver glittered around their face. You can try sticking one or two studs at the corner of your eyes. It will give you an edgy-cool look. 

5. Glitter Gloss

Glitters were seen all over Paris Fashion Week 2020! One of the highlights was adding glitters to the lips. Yes, it sounded crazy but the result is sparkling gorgeous! But are you wondering to get em gorgeous, intense glittery lip? The secret is to use edible glitter! All you need is a fluffy brush that can grab all the edible glitters. Edible glitters can stay put longer than normal glitters plus they’re also safe for you to eat! 

6. Double-Wing Eyeliner

Why go for one wing when you can do two?! Yes, Dior’s couture show showed us how double wings are done (THEY NAILED IT!!)  The Dior 2020 show was a tribute to women hence they took inspiration ancient Greece makeup to create a double-wing eyeliner look. The look is in fact much easier to do than it looks. Start off the liner from the inner corner to outer corner of the top of the lashes. Then, go on to do the same for the bottom lashes. Add a fleck of gold eyeshadow in between for that Greek goddess finish. 

7. Pink Blushes

The Armani Prive’s Paris 2020 couture collection was an eclectic mix of textiles, prints, colours. The collection was the epitome of maximalist aesthetic that is, in turn, Armani opt for a no-makeup mostly pink mostly neutral look. This is one of the easiest looks to recreate. In of those lazy days, where you just don’t feel like adding any makeup you can just add a pop of neon pink around your cheek and under your eyes lip to make it more three-dimensional. 

8. Frozen Brows

One of the standout in this year Couture Week is Designer Guo Pei. She is always known for making a statement, and this season she took it to the next level. The whole collection was inspired by the beautiful Himalayas and it certainly reflected that. The models had fake snow on their brows and upper lashes. You can do the fake snow by using light colour concealer through the hairs and then used lash glue to press them on. It’ll give you the impression of snow just delicately felt on your brows.

Which Paris Fashion Week beauty look was your favourite? Let us know in the comments. In case you missed the show, here’s a video that captured all the best moments of Paris Fashion Week 2020!