The Best 15 Eye Makeup Products Inspired By The 2020 Colour Of The Year ‘Classic Blue’.

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It is official ‘Classic Blue’ is 2020’s Colour Of The Year! The bold Classic Blue was chosen as the colour of the year by the world-renowned brand, Pantone and there are some pretty cool reasons to why it was chosen. Firstly, because it is a multisensory colour where you can connect the colour to each of your five senses! It tastes like blue velvet, feels elegant, looks classy, smells warm and you can listen to blue almost everywhere, including politics! In a statement by Laurie Pressman, the Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute, said, “The Pantone Colour of the Year highlights the relationship between trends in colour and what is taking place in our global culture at a moment in time”. Classic blue is a colour that reflects what individuals feel they need. It is the colour that represents hope and unity. As per a statement from the company, this deep blue shade symbolises protection, stability, peace, and confidence, as well as encourage deep thinking, open mindfulness, and communication. 

The 2020’s Classic Blue, is no stranger to the beauty world. Remember, Lupita Nyong’o’s bold blue eyes to the Oscar or Aiswarya Rai’s unconventional blueliners to Cannes? Our bad girl Riri has been spotted in a few funky blue eyes looks as well. Emma Watson gave the classic blue a classic touch it deserves when she wore a subtle blue eyeliner during her United Nations Equality speech. Now, so who said blue ain’t gonna look good in makeup! Remember though, this classic blue is the warm and comforting kind blue not bright turquoise, soft sky blue or neon ocean blue. The Classic Blue is a darker, more stable kinda blue like the dawn skies. Now, this tasteful blue has officially become the colour of the year, which means we are no longer bound to blues for only nights or special events. It’s a hue that will take over everyday meetings and summer poolside conversations.

And unlike the last decade, makeup companies and artistes are reimagining the shade much more beautifully than before. You can actually have blue mascaras, eye shadow palettes and of course, the staple, blueliners for those looking to have fun, but not go out of their comfort zone. You can do wonders with this beautiful blue shade! Go bold and bright, smudged and smoky, or use it to add a subtle hint of colour. If you are going for a bold look then, apply a darker blue underneath the eyes and on top of the eyelid right, and left of the iris. In the middle of the eyelid, place a lighter blue for a beautiful halo effect. And for a blue take on your classic smoky look, smudge a dark blue eye pencil inside and around your eyes and set with a dark blue eyeshadow. Add a lighter metallic blue into the inner corners of your eyes to make them look more refined.

Do all these talks about blue make you want to rock out Classic Blue as we enter a new decade? With tons of vibrant makeup options everywhere from Chanel to Sephora, what better way to explore the Colour of the Year than through some killer eye makeup? Here are our favourite blue eye makeup products that not carry the bright, calming effect but are also wearable and relatable too! So here are the best picks in makeup that will make sure we head in the new year looking all blue in a good way.


Here are our best blue eyeliners! A pencil or liquid? Matte or shimmer? Lucky for you, we offer a variety of blue hues that suit all the look you’re going for.

1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner

This 2018 Glamour Beauty Award-Winning, Marc Jacobs eyeliner is the matte version of their bestselling Highliner Gel Eye Crayon. There are 12 types of shades available in this collection and each is highly pigmented and has a tiny shimmery effect that can last for half a day. So, grab the deep blue one and go for the bold blue finish. Oh, did we tell you this pencil has an attached sharpener on tips, so you can keep it sharp always!

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2. Hourglass 1.5mm Mechanical Gel Eye Liner – Ocean Floor Deep Navy

This ultra-skinny eyeliner from Hourglass is a creamy like waterproof gel liner that offers crisp precision, opaque colour, and it is also super easy to apply. It is formulated for long-lasting effect so with just one stroke you can create a dramatic definition that resists transfer for extended wear. It is available in five different shades and the blue it the one to go for!

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3. Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner- Spandex

This metallic glitter eyeliner will give you a dramatic and fabulous jewel-encrusted look. The eyeliner locks down glitter so it stays put until you peel it off. The eyeliner comes in an array of sparkly shades that can be worn by themselves or layered for a buildable, colourful finish that dries within seconds. It has peach and cucumber extracts that will moisturize the skin and also add the extra blue sparkles!

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4. Diorshow Onstage Liner 1- 296 Matte Blue

The Dior On Stage Liner is a long-lasting liquid liner that comes in a whopping 14 ultra-rich shades. The liner is very inky and highly pigmented making it easy top draw along your top lashes doesn’t create bumpy lines every single time you coat. It also the perfect liner for winged blue eyes thanks to the superfine tip that makes shaping really easy and the points of the blue wings extra sharp to get you flying high!

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5. Sephora Collection Retract Waterproof Eyeliner- Shimmer Navy

Sephora Collection’s Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner comes in 19 epic shades. The shimmery navy shade has a creamy texture and is extremely easy to glide over the eyes. Featured with a built-in sharpener and smudge tip, this blueliner is a must-have for an alluring and enduring eye. You can create any daytime or nighttime look with this classic blueliner.

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From matte to metallic, here are our top pick blue eyeshadows will make you look like an ocean goddess that came to land in the dawn!

6. ColourPop Blue Moon Shadow Palette 

The ColourPop Blue Moon Palette contains 5 blue mattes shades and 4 metallic blue to help stunning blue eyes! The palette basically has every shade of blue you need for a fun pop of colour on the lower lash line or an all-blue cut crease, halo eye or whatever else you fancy. There’s even a beautiful blue highlight shade! Each shade is highly pigmented and long-lasting. Just blend all the blues in together and you get beautiful blue eyes. 

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7. Huda Beauty Obsessions Precious Stones Eyeshadow Palette- Sapphire

This boldly blue palette by Huda Beauty has nine exceptionally brilliant shades, 5 duo-chrome shimmers and 4 creamy matte shadows. The 4 unique blue shades with vivid turquoises, as well as shining silver and zesty yellow can certainly accent your eyes and help you create a cool and multidimensional look.

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8. Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Evidence

This navy blue Urban Decay eyeshadow has a slight amount of shimmer to help you create a striking smokey eye. The texture of this eyeshadow is not as buttery and creamy as most eyeshadows but it is highly pigmented and goes smooth on the skin. You can wear this eyeshadow alone without a base or a primer because it will not fade or crease.

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9. Clarins Ombre Satin Eyeshadow –  04 Baby Blue Eyes 

The Clarins Ombre Matte Blue Eyeshadow has a soft and lightweight texture making it easy to apply. Ombre Matte is the perfect eyeshadow for your everyday office or meeting look because it isn’t too striking nor too bland. The eyeshadow is enriched with polymers hence it stays long and doesn’t lose it pigmentation. A luxurious eye look is yours in just a few seconds with this valiant Clarins’s eyeshadow.

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10. Stila Cosmetics Vivid & Vibrant Eye Shadow Duo in Sapphire 

This two palette eyeshadow by Stila Cosmetics is a certainly a twosome of goodness that both vivid and vibrant blue. Each blue in this duo palette contains a sparkle and coordinating metallic shade. The mixture of glitter and shimmering metallic will help you create a shape-shifting and supernatural dimensional eyes. Create the perfect bold blue look with a burst of colour, sparkle and a metallic sheen.

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Why just stop with blue liners and eyeshadows? Complete the blue eye look with some blue mascaras for a beyond usual but stunning eyes.

11. Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils- Extreme Blue

The Yves Saint Laurent Master Volume Effet Faux Cils mascara is insanely blue and we love it!  It’s volumizing, nourishing doesn’t dry or crumble on the lashes. The best part is, it smells heavenly blue as well! Or course the packaging is sleek and opulent as well. The mascara is enriched with B5 pro-vitamin which builds luscious volume and give you a bold false-lash look.

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12. Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume HD – Squeezable Mascara- Blue

This is Dior’s first-ever squeezable mascara that came out two years ago and it is undeniably a cult gold standard of designer mascara. The mascara is intelligently designed with a flexible pump tube so when you squeeze the wand is loaded with intense and thick blue. Thanks to a boosting combination of waxes and elastic powders, the mascara will leave you clump-free oversize lashes that will remain intact down to the last drop. 

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13. Peripera Ink Color Cara 03 Black Deep Blue Jean

This award-winning Korean mascara is a must-have for thick lashes lover. The mascara’s fine-bristled brush can get the shimmery metallic blue liquid even onto the shortest and hard-to-reach lashes. Despite having a very smooth and thin texture, the mascara will coat all the lashes evenly and will keep your lashes voluminous and flake-free all day long. So, if you are going for a Korean popstar blue eye look, this Peripera mascara should be in vanity. 

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14. Sephora Collection Volume On Mascara 10ml- Navy Blue

This distinctive blue mascara is perfect for anyone who wants to combine instant volume with an intense finish. The brush lengthens and thickens lashes one by one with clamping them all together. To top it all off, this mascara will give your lashes nice curls that will stay intact for the whole day. The colour gets builds up so go ahead and play around it till you reach the dramatic look you are going for. 

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15. Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Bang! Mascara – Blue

The  Benefit’s Bad Gal Bang is enriched with aero-particles, ‘a super light technology derived from space technology to give volume! Yeap, from space science we are dealing with here! The wand of the mascara is also longer than most mascaras so it helps reach from root-to-tip and all the tough corners. The blue liquid is light and needs few coating to really see the colour but it does deliver length, volume and lift without making the lashes crusty. 

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