The 90’s are known for a lot of great things—their fashion, their timeless music, legendary movies, and many others. But, the 90’s makeup trends are equally as iconic, especially those brown-glossy lipstick brands. 

In the conjunction of International Kissing Day—Beauty Insider listed down all the best brown lipstick to channel your inner 90’s vibes. Lipsticks are obviously the most loved and desirable make-up products. So, for this special and romantic day, whether you plan on smooching your long-awaited crush or simply just to take a pouty selfie for the ‘gram, applying a good lipstick is definitely a way to celebrate it today!

So, without further ado, we bring you the best brown lipstick suitable for you to embrace your inner 90’s gal. From Britney Spears to Destiny’s Child to Catherine Zeta Jones, you’ll be sure to love these colours. 

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Why Are Brown Coloured Lipsticks The Best? 

One word to answer: It’s universal. Brown lipstick is a perfectly-universal-flattering colour. That is why no matter what era is currently in, a good brown lipstick will never go out of style. Be it in a form of gloss, matte or cream—brown lipstick colours truly compliments all skin tones and eye colours. The pros, it elevates our seductive side. Think of those 90’s supermodel on the runway. Confidently strutted in expensive clothing, paired with a brown colour lip. 

The cons, however, with so many brown colours to choose at the beauty stores, picking the wrong undertones could be a disaster. You might end up looking dirty and deathly, and we don’t want that. 

How To Choose The Best Brown Lipstick

So how do you choose the right brown shade for your everyday wear? Easy peasy. The good rule of thumb is that the darker your undertones, the darker colour of makeup you should go. Think of something that is one or two shades darker than your actual skin tone. Analyze your undertones as well. If you have a warmer skin tone, choose a colour that has a yellow or orange tone. If your skin tones lead more towards a cool tone, find something with a red-based colour. 
Just a little FYI, do not go for gray tones because no matter what your skin tones are, a gray-based brown lip colour will give you a harsh and dusty look.

(Source: Pinterest)

7 Best Brown Lipsticks For You

1. VELVET VANITY Liquid Matte Lipstick in Smash Hit

Established by Adlina Nadirah, the ultra-modern and fun makeup brand based in KL is inspired by the elements of youth culture—which many Malaysian girls would find relatable. Just like their Liquid Matte Lipstick in the colour Smash Hit. It will give you that rich brown coloured-textured, making you look extra expensive

Why we love it: 

  • Vegan 
  • Paraben-free, phthalates free
  • Feels lightweight

Price: RM 49.00

Where to buy: Velvet Vanity

2. Nita Cosmetic Matte Bullet Lipstick in Cocoa Nude

Creative and quirky. That’s what Nita Azman described her brand when she first started launching Nita Cosmetic back in 2016. If you’re looking for a brown coloured lipstick with maroon undertones, this is the perfect one. Its creamy textures will help hydrate your lips while leaving you a matte finish. 

Why we love it: 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Very hydrating
  • Non-greasy

Price: RM 23.30

Where to buy: Nita Cosmetic

3. MAC Cosmetic in Love Me

Go bold or go home. This satin, slightly creamy lipstick will look flattering on darker skin tones. It’s medium coverage but buildable so you can amp up the intensifier if you wish. Now you can look like the 90’s flowerchild, Drew Barrymore. 

Why we love it: 

  • Contain Argan oil
  • Creamy and conditioning texture
  • Feels lightweight

Price: RM 87.00

Where to buy: Sephora

4. Burt’s Bees in Suede Splash 

If you prefer a clean, vegan, cruelty-free product then try this Burt’s Bees lipstick in the Suede Splash. Formulated with nourishing beeswax, moringa oil, raspberry seed oil and vitamin E extracts. Get that Tyra Bank pout. 

Why we love it: 

  • Full coverage
  • 100% natural & hydrating
  • Vegan

Price: RM 77.00

Where to buy: Sephora

5. FENTY BEAUTY Stunna Lip Paint in Unveil

Go ahead and recreate the iconic Mariah Carey look from the 1996 American Music Awards  Red Carpet ceremony, using this Fenty Beauty liquid lip paint. This matte finish liquid lipstick will stay put through your breakfast, lunch and dinner. No touch up needed! 

Why we love it: 

  • Long lasting formula
  • Suitable for any occasions 
  • Non-greasy 

Price: RM122.00

Where to buy: Sephora

6. Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Honey Beige

Enriched with Maxi-Lip technology that stimulates collagen and hydrates your lips—this bold cream lip liner comes in a full spectrum of ultra-feminine colours to complement every one of your alter egos. Giving us major Helle Berry vibes!

Why we love it: 

  • Feels buttery and easy to apply 
  • Highly pigmented
  • Suitable for beginner

Price: RM 100.00

Where to buy: Sephora

7. REVLON Super Lustrous™ Matte Lipstick Seductive Sienna

Revlon’s Super Lustrous is a trusty brown lipstick you can grab if you’re a baddie on a budget. Oh, and we love the formula, too! It contains vitamin E to nourish the lips, keeping them feeling nourished and comfortable, never dry.

Why we love it: 

  • Contains Vitamin E
  • Non drying 
  • Affordable

Price: RM 31.92

Where to buy: Watsons

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