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15 Best Cleansing Oils in Malaysia That Are Suitable For All Skin Types

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / May 5, 2021
Categories : Skincare

If you guys haven’t heard of cleansing oils you are missing out big time! Playing a major role in the Korean skincare routine, cleansing oils are amazing at removing the slightest traces of the most stubborn makeup, dirt and debris on your face. In fact, there are many amazing cleansing oils in Malaysia that can do wonders for your skin. Why should I opt for cleansing oil you ask? Because unlike other forms of cleansers, oil-based cleansers are super gentle on the skin and do not strip away unnecessary moisture from your skin which makes them an ideal option for people with all types of skin. 

Even if you have super oily skin, don’t shy away from using a cleansing oil. The simple logic behind it is that oil dissolves oil so they are ideally suited to be used as cleansers for those with oily skin. Plus, many cleansing oils in Malaysia these days are also non-comedogenic so they won’t cause breakouts too! Now, that we have convinced you to add cleansing oil to your skincare regime, the next step of the process is getting you one. Below, Beauty Insider Malaysia has gathered the 15 best cleansing oil in Malaysia.

What Is A Cleansing Oil?

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

Cleansing oil is an oil-based facial cleanser that is known to effectively dissolve impurities and makeup on the skin. Besides, it will emulsify when water is added, which allows it to attract and remove anything from waterproof makeup, dirt, and oils. Plus, cleansing oil is also an important step in the double cleansing method, in which an oil-based cleanser is used before proceeding with foam or gel cleanser.

15 Best Cleansing Oils in Malaysia

1. Sulwhasoo Gentle Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover

One of the most popular cleansing oils in Malaysia, this Sulwhasoo oil can gently remove makeup and impurities leaving skin fresh and velvety. Infused with ingredients of Coix Lacryma-Jobi seed, tangerine peel extract, and apricot kernel oil, this cleansing oil also can clear up your skin and leaving it looking brighter and healthier. 

Price: RM160.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Malaysia

2. Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil

The Laneige Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil is a dream come true for those with acne-prone skin. In just one use it can melt away all excess sebum and blackheads. Thanks to its star ingredient, mugwort extracts this oil cleanser can also refine the pore and works effectively removing your makeup without ruining your skin.

Price: RM135.00

Where to Buy: Zalora Malaysia

3. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil

This powerful cleansing oil by Clinique can immediately dissolve tenacious face makeup, oil, and impurities. It is very gentle and free from harsh chemicals which makes it a perfect choice for all skin types. To enjoy the maximum benefit of the oil, apply it to dry face with fingertips and gently massage it for about a minute or so. Then, rinse it off with lukewarm water for glowing skin.

Price: RM142.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Malaysia

4. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil

Rice is rich in vitamins, amino acid, hydrochloric acid and other nutrients, this cleansing oil by The Face Shop is one of the most valuable cleansing oil in Malaysia. Rice water in general has a big reputation for its skin-soothing properties and this cleansing oil highlights its superior effects of moisturizing and brightening the skin.

Price: RM54.00

Where to Buy: The Face Shop Malaysia

5. Melvita Nectar De Roses Milky Cleansing Oil 

One of the most popular cleansing oils in Malaysia, this gentle and emollient cleansing oil by Melvita is 100% organic can effectively dissolve all your impurities and makeup residues and grimes without damaging the skin. Just mix one or two drops of the oil with water and it transforms into a milky lotion that delicately removes remaining traces of make-up and leaves skin soft and protected.

Price: RM120.00

Where to Buy: Melvita Malaysia

6. Hado Labo SHA Moisturizing Cleansing Oil

This drugstore-friendly cleansing oil is formulated with high purity olive oil that can truly nourish and deeply cleanse your skin. Plus, the added hyaluronic acid can intensely hydrate and maintain the skin’s moisture balance leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Also, it smells very lovely and feminine!

Price: RM50.07

Where to Buy: Watsons Malaysia

7. Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil

This lightweight, high-tech hybrid cleansing oil is formulated to efficiently remove impurities, makeup, and pollutants. It has a super delicate and refreshing citrus scent which can invigorate all your sense. It can also help retain your skin’s natural moisture at the same time reduce the impact of environmental hazards such as irritation.

Price: RM131.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Malaysia

8. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

A cult favourite, this silky-soft cleansing oil can effortlessly remove all traces of makeup while leaving skin feeling clean, refreshed and clear of impurities. Since it is very mild and gentle hence it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It can also remove waterproof makeup and leaves a delicate chamomile scent that lasts quite long.

Price: RM81.00

Where to Buy: The Body Shop Malaysia

9. Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil

One of the most affordable cleansing oils in Malaysia, the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil is a refreshing cleansing oil that can effectively remove all dirt, impurities and makeup in one wash. Its botanical-based formula can help lock moisture and leave your feeling skin soft and supple.

Price: RM57.90

Where to Buy: Guardian Malaysia

10. Dior Hydra Life Oil To Milk Makeup Removing Cleanser

Despite being on the pricier end of the spectrum, this Dior cleansing oil is one that worth the price. As the name stands, it transforms from oil to milk upon contact with water and removes all types of makeup and impurities from the face and eyes. Formulated with sweet almond oil, it can also detoxify and soften your skin.

Price: RM160.00

Where to Buy: Sephora Malaysia

11. Skinvill Hot Cleansing Oil

Last but not least in our best cleansing oils in Malaysia, the Skinvill Hot Cleansing Oil is a hot cleansing oil that adds a sense of warmth to your skin and effectively removes makeup and dirt. Imported from Japan, this cleanser is very gentle on the skin and can deeply cleanse your skin so you don’t even need to double cleanse your skin.

Price: RM89.00

Where to Buy: Watsons Malaysia

12. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover is a cult favorite cleansing oil that contains 100% organic olive oil to effectively dissolve and remove makeup as well as impurities. Infused with vitamin E and olive oil to hydrate and soften the skin, this cleansing oil also features rosemary leaf oil for its revitalizing properties. Apart from that, you can even use the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Makeup Remover as a makeup brush cleaner.

Price: RM88.20

Where to buy: Watsons

13. BYBI Beauty Swipe Clean Facial Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover

If you’re looking for the best cleansing oil with clean ingredients, then look no further because BYBI Beauty Swipe Clean Facial Cleansing Oil and Makeup Remover is on top of the list. This gentle cleansing oil features antibacterial ingredients that hydrate the skin and eliminate impurities as well as the most stubborn makeup on the face. Plus, it comes with a sustainable-packaging, making it the perfect choice for the environment.

Price: RM147.00

Where to buy: Sephora

14. Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing Oil

Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing Oil transforms into a rich lather of foam when water is added. Furthermore, this cleansing oil gently dissolves any impurities and makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils. In addition, the Mamonde Petal Spa Cleansing Oil delivers a quick and deep cleanse, as it features 2 in 1 effect of a double cleanse.

Price: RM47.60

Where to buy: Watsons

15. Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Cleansing Oil

With 4.5 star ratings on Sephora, Bobbi Brown Soothing Face Cleansing Oil is formulated with a powerful blend of botanical oils that gently dissolve makeup, dirt, and impurities. Infused with jasmine flower extract, it nourishes the skin, meanwhile white water lily, goji berry, and kukui nut help to soothe the skin, leaving your skin more refresh and smoother.

Price: RM185.00

Where to buy: Sephora