The 12 Most Long- Lasting Lipsticks You Can Find In Any Local Drugstore.

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Nothing can instantly boost your confidence than a swipe of a perfect, affordable lipstick. It can help you look good on those lazy days and elevate your look on an exciting night out. Lipsticks can be expensive so why not make a budget-friendly buy? One of the best places to find the best lipsticks brands that don’t break the bank is at the local drugstore. 

Drugstore lipsticks are not just purse-friendly but they have significantly improved in term longevity and formula these days. Also, let’s not forget there is a huge variety of great lipsticks brands on offer in the drugstore aisles now: We know finding that mythical perfect tube and colour can be an impossible task.

To help narrow down the hunt, we have listed down our personal favourite drugstore lipsticks. Each of these must-have lipsticks has long-lasting formulas and are formulated to perfection. So whether you are looking for a bold, pigmented matte lipstick or just a hydrating, creamy one, read on to discover these expert-approved favourites.

1.  Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink City Collection

This Maybelline lipstick range comes in 12 different shade with colours such as saturated reds, burnt siennas, blues, and terracotta hues. These highly pigmented lip colours feature a unique arrow tip for precise application. The ink lasts for up to 16 hours, if not more! Each shade is super intense and packed with power for a great finish. These liquid lipsticks will give you a flawless matte finish.

You can buy the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink City Collection, here.

2. Karen Murrell-Cardovan Natural

All Karen Murrell lipsticks have rich emollient properties that ensure a smooth and long-lasting finish. The Cordovan Natural red lip colour is often worn by Karen Murrell herself. The effortlessness grace of this natural-spice inspired lipstick makes it essential to anyone’s makeup collection. The rich tone of toasted cinnamon combined with a warm peach highlight provides flattering wear for all moods, all skin tones, all day, every day.

Get yourself the Karen Murrell-Cordovan Natural Lipstick, here.

3. Milani Milani Classic Color Statement Lipstick 

Milani knows that the best way to make an entrance is by making a statement, that’s why their Color Statement Lipstick comes in a range of vibrant and daring colours. Ranging from pretty pinks to radiant reds, infused with nourishing vitamins A and C, these lip colour will feel as good on the lips as it looks. Bless your face with statement-making colour that will have your lips speaking volumes.

You can find the Milani Milani Classic Color Statement Lipstick online.

4. L’Oreal Color Riche Matte

L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Lipsticks can give you extreme comfort and hydration. Each lipstick from the collection has a voluptuous texture that moisturizes your lips with all-day hydration. They will protect your lips from drying out for a radiant matte colour all day long. Enriched with intense colour pigments and mattifying powders, this creamy formula covers your lips with an obsessive matte colour.

 Discover a new velvet effect with L’Oreal’s Color Riche Matte Lipstick now.

5. Revlon HD Matte Lip Mousse 

The vibrant, hyper matte colour of Revlon’s Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse comes in 14 shades and will bless your lips with creamy smooth comfort. The non-smudging lip mousse can last up to 8-hours without ever feeling dry. These Lip Mousses have a precise-tip applicator that is designed to provide the perfect application. To make the formula extra special, Revlon had added a touch of creamy mango and whipped vanilla scent. 

Get the award-winning Revlon’s HD Matte Lip Mousse, now. 

6. Kate’s Smooth Color Rouge

Kate’s Smooth Color Rouge comes in five different shade and each lip colour has a brilliant and vibrant colouration. This product has a strong wax that will give you a smooth application. This lipstick range also has strong pigmentation and tight clinginess to the skin for long-wear. It provides brilliant colour and lustre to create the perfect pair of ideal lips. Now available in 10 shades of brilliant rouge.

You can buy Kate’s Smooth Color Rouge at any drugstore nationwide.

 7. Amaxmall You’re Mine Matte Lipstick 

With 18 shades in the Amaxmall You’re Mine Matte Lipstick collection has a soft and smooth texture, with beautiful pigmented colours that will bring out your lips clearly. The texture will set the matte on the lips, light, not heavy and has no added fragrance. The unique formula of this lipstick creates a light texture that can be applied throughout the day without stains. These lipsticks can also be used as a blusher and eyeshadow base!

The Amaxmall You’re Mine Matte Lipstick is now available online.

8. Simply Siti Argan Wonder Lipstick

Simply Siti’s Argan Wonder Lipstick can keep your lips moisturise and nourish it with 2x more vitamins while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. A touch of Mulberry Extract that lightens age spots and improves uneven lip tone. These lipsticks glide on the lips smoothly with effortless application. Enriched with Natural Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant for youthful lips, protect your skin against UV-B with SPF 15.

Packed with great benefits Simply Siti Argan Wonder Lipstick is one to not be missed!

9. Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick

Bourjois’ Rouge Velvet The Lipstick is a gorgeous long-wearing matte lipstick that’ll never dry out your lips! The secret of its exclusive formula is its moisturising complex, combining hydrating waxes with light oils and rich pigments for an irresistible velvety soft finish. This precise lipstick has an intense matte colour that lasts long and feels light, with just one swipe. For intense colour in one stroke with a precise and flawless finish get this lip colour.

For a 24-hours full-on glamour, get the Boujois’ Rouge Edition Velvet The Lipstick.

10. Rimmel The Only 1 Matte 

Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipstick provides an intense, velvety and matte effect without drying out the lips. These lipsticks contain a combination of light emollient oils, liquid polymers and silicone for a moisturizing and softening action. It provides intense colour and moisturizes the lips with a matte velvety finish effect that does not dry out. These lipsticks will leave your lips softened and with intense and sublime colour.

Get any one of the Rimmel The Only 1 Matte lipstick now!

11. Silkygirl OMG! Power Matte Lip 

This matte lip colour is unlike any other as it glides velvety smooth and finishes with powder-light for ultra-comfortable wear. Cased in a click-to-open casing, this lip colour contains avocado oil, chamomile and aloe vera extract to protect, soothe and moisturize lips.  These lipsticks are all paraben-free, carmine-free, and fragrance-free.It is suitable for all skin types and it won’t dry out the lips!

You can find the Silkygirl OMG! Power Matte Lip in any drugstore nationwide.

12. Wardah Long Last Lipstick

Matte Lipstick provides an intense, velvety and matte effect without drying out the lips. It moisturizes, protects, and nourishes the lips while reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Its vibrant, hyper matte colour blesses your lips with creamy comfort, it’s a lightweight, non-smudging formula that lasts. These liquid lipsticks give you a flawless matte finish in a range of rich tones.

You can get the Wardah Long Last Lipstick online at Watsons.