Do you often suffer from dry and irritated eyes that just absolutely feel gritty at some point? Well, you are definitely not alone. Frequent exposure to polluted environments can actually cause discomfort in your eyes. Added with the existing eye disease that some of us experience and prolonged amount of time staring at the screen, it can worsen the conditions even more. It is not an overstatement to say that having the best eye washes are essential in our daily routine. 

However, similar to beauty products, not all of them are created equal in any way, from formulation, functions to benefits. So, before you head out to any pharmacy or drugstore to grab the first bottle of eye wash that you find, it is important to know the essential information first. Below, Beauty Insider has gathered the 411 on the best eye washes in Malaysia. 

What’s the Difference Between Eye Wash and Eye Drop? 

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Eyewash is known as the over the counter solution to soothe discomfort in the eyes. Depending on its formulation, eye washes usually contain purified water, boric acid, salt and other ingredients. As it can provide instant relief, this product is often used by those who experience dryness, itchiness or irritation. However, eye washes and eye drops are frequently mistaken as the same product when in fact they deliver different functions. Eye drops or commonly known as lubricant drops help to ease the pain. On top of that, some of them also contain medication to treat glaucoma and infection. On the contrary, eye washes are created to lubricate and remove any foreign substance in the eyes, providing instant relief for minor conditions. 

The Benefits of Eye Washes

Eye washes are considered the essential item for a reason, it helps to lubricate the eyes making them highly effective to soothe dryness. Additionally, eye washes also help to draw out foreign objects like substances or particles from your eyes. It is also often used to ease eye strain or allergens. 

The Side Effects of Using Eye Washes 

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Despite its whopping benefits, eyes washes have been linked to several side effects Among the known risks are listed as below:

  • Blurred vision
  • Soreness
  • Irritation 
  • Redness 

Therefore, it is imperative that you examine the expiration date before you use it. Plus, avoid using any eye washes if you have wounds around the eye unless you have consulted with your physician. 

Can You Use Eye Wash Daily?

If you have been using eye wash daily, it is definitely a sign that you should look into seriously. Although they provide instant relief, overusing an eye wash can actually bring several risks to your eye health. Unknown to some, eye washes can actually wash away the natural tears and moisturizers, causing further dryness. What’s more, it can affect the blood vessels and constrain the delivery of oxygen to the sclera. So once its effects are gone, you will eventually experience discomfort again causing you to use the eye washes in endless amounts. Sometimes, a regular eye discomfort like dryness and irritation might actually be a symptom of more serious eye conditions. Hence, if you notice that the issues have been persistent for quite some time, you can always consult an ophthalmologist for further examination. 

The Best Eye Washes For All Your Conditions, From Discomfort To Irritation

1. Rohto Cool Eye Wash

If you’re looking for the best eye washes to add to your routine, look no further as Rohto Cool Eye Wash is highly preferred by people. It delivers a cooling sensation that instantly revives tired and dry eyes. With its ultra-hydrating formula, this cult favourite eye wash helps to lubricate and moisturize the eyes for long-lasting hours. The squeezable cup is innovatively designed to allow easy application. Plus, you can easily use it with a face-down position without any spills.

Why we love it:

  • Good value
  • Easy application
  • It delivers a cooling sensation 
  • Instantly soothes the eyes

Price: RM30.90

Where to buy: Shopee

2.Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash 

Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash is one of the all-rounder eye washes that can tackle different conditions ranging from dryness, irritation, tiredness and discomfort. It features botanical extracts to help cleanse and soothe the eyes instantly. Additionally, this fan favourite product also removes any foreign particles and objects that are trapped in the eyes. The gentle formulation ensures balanced pH levels that do not affect the natural tears. 

Why we love it:

  • Multipurpose
  • Features botanical ingredients
  • Cleanses the eyes from foreign objects

Price: RM22.46

Where to buy: Watsons

3. Vizulize Eye Wash

Infused with natural extracts, Vizulize Eye Wash is the ultimate solution for those with any type of dry eye. Unlike other eye washes, it comprises a formula that is ideal for all contact lenses. It delivers optimal moisture that lasts for hours and protects the eyes from irritation. The top-notch formula allows this eye wash to instantly hydrate and soothe the eyes from any discomfort. 

Why we love it:

  • It delivers instant hydration effects
  • Suitable for contact lenses
  • Helps to refresh tired eyes

Price: RM85.00

Where to buy: Ubuy

4. Blink Cleansing Eye Wash

This list of the best eye washes would not be complete without this highly known brand. Blink Cleansing Eye Wash is ideal for those who experience eye discomfort due to prolonged exposure to computer screens, air conditioning environment or dust. With a powerful blend of aloe vera extract, euphrasia officinalis and sodium hyaluronate, it is a must-have for every household. It has a gentle yet effective formulation that can soothe and minimize irritated eyes.

Why we love it:

  • Affordable price
  • Gentle formulation
  • Ideal for mild irritation
  • Instantly refresh tired eyes

Price: RM13.50

Where to buy: Shopee

5. Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief Eye Wash

Bausch & Lomb Advanced Eye Relief Eye Wash is enriched with essential ingredients that can instantly cleanse and soothe the eyes. It has ultra-hydrating formula that intensely moisturizes and lubricates the surface of the eyes, preventing any irritation, burning or dryness. The cup is purposely designed to ensure an easy and smooth application that is mess-free. With this eye wash, you can kiss goodbye discomfort due to prolonged exposure to screens or environmental conditions.

Why we love it:

  • Cleanse the eyes from foreign particles
  • Ultra hydrating formula
  • Contoured cup design
  • Good value

Price: RM21.29

Where to buy: iHerb

6. RS PRO Portable Eye Wash Bottle

With 0.9% sterile saline solution, RS PRO Portable Eye Wash Bottle is specifically formulated to cleanse and lubricate the eyes. The environmental conditions like dust and added with our daily activities often make our eyes susceptible to irritation. But, with this eye wash, you can easily minimize the discomfort after one usage. Plus, it is also ideal to cleanse general wound conditions too.

Why we love it:

  • Formulated to cleanse the eyes
  • Instant relief
  • Long lasting hydration

Price: RM26.56

Where to buy: RS official store

7. Reliwash Saline Eye Wash Pods

If you prefer portable eye washes, finding the best one that suits you perfectly can be quite difficult. Fret not as Reliwash Saline Eye Wash Pods is a staple in every purse. It is packed with soothing properties that can help to minimize irritation and dryness. Additionally, it also functions to ensure long-lasting comfort for tired eyes. It is ideal for soft contact lenses and silicone hydrogel lenses. A box comes with 25 eye wash pods, so it is definitely a good value.

Why we love it:

  • Long lasting comfort
  • Soothes and hydrates the eyes
  • Portable

Price: RM46.08

Where to buy: Amazon

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