Do you love eating fruits? Good, because everyone knows fruits carry so many health benefits and does wonder for your skin. However, most of you don’t give enough credits to our local fruits in Malaysia. Instead of spending too much on imported fruits opt for local fruits. In fact, Malaysia local fruit have even more health and beauty benefits compared to those imported ones.

Local Malaysia fruits like bananas, durian and more are cheap and easy to find. Plus, they’re packed with a dozen of nutrition for healthy glowing skin. But the trick is to know the right food for your skin needs. So, now comes the big question, which local Malaysia fruits should you eat? And how to include them in your diet? Keep reading to find out the 12 local fruits in Malaysia that can improve your skin and body.

1. Rambutan

rambutan is a local malaysia fruit.

This golf-ball like hairy lil guys are one of the favourite local fruits amongst Malaysians! Who can hate their white sweet juicy flesh, right? Not just are they delicious but also good for our health and skin. This is because rambutans have a high amount of water. So, by including them in your diet, you are firstly feeding your skin with lotsa moist. Secondly, you’re protecting your body from oxidative damages. Apart from that, rambutans are also great for weight loss because they’re low in calories, yet rich in fibre. Plus, they’re also packed with essential nutrients like vitamin B, C, magnesium and calcium that can boost your overall health.

Pro Tip: Snack on rambutans in between your meal as it will keep you full for a longer time. 

2. Mangosteen

mangosteen- a local malaysian fruit

Did you know mangosteen won the title of ‘The Queen Of Fruits’ from Queen Victoria in the 19th century? She loves these tangy purple fruit so much that she would grant a knighthood to anyone who brought her one. Though now mangosteen cannot get you a royal connection, it is highly valued for its high beauty and health benefits. One of which is treating skin conditions like eczema. They can also protect your skin from environmental damage with its anti-inflammatory properties. Despite being sweets, mangosteen can actually help control your blood sugar levels and improve digestion.  

Pro Tip: Include mangosteen after your meal as it can help the foods digest properly.

3. Cempedak

Cempedak a local malaysian fruit.

Often referred to as the ugly cousin of jackfruits, cempedak is musky, aromatic and sweet fruit. Despite the infamous reference, cempedak actually holds a lot of amazing beauty and skin benefits. One of the biggest benefits of cempedak is it consists of Vitamin A to improve your vision. Plus, easting cempedak when you are sick can also help heal cold, cough, flu and even asthma. Apart from that, it can also treat acne scars and marks as well. In fact, the Iban people in Sarawak, use cempedak leaves as a medicine to heal wounds and prevent infection. 

Pro Tip: Include cempedak in your diet if you’re suffering from urinary tract infections as its antibacterial and antifungal properties can help fix this issue.

4. Durian

king of fruits.

Known as the king of all fruits, durians are the pride of Malaysia! Despite the bad reputation due to its strong smell, durians are very high in nutrients. Both the creamy flesh and seeds of durians are edible. Though you need to boil the seeds first before eating. One of the surprising benefits of durian is that it can keep your blood sugar levels in control as durian. Because durians have a lower glycemic index (GI). Furthermore, durian can also improve your sleeping cycle as it produces hormones that control your sleep cycle. Plus, the antioxidant properties of durian can reduce the appearance of pigmentation and wrinkles.

Pro Tip:  Avoid eating durian while you’re intoxicated. The sulfur-like compounds in durian can increase the alcohol levels in your blood. This can potentially lead to symptoms like heart palpitations!

5. Sengkuang

Sengkuang a local Malaysia fruit

Jicama, which is commonly known as ‘Sengkuang’ in Malaysia, is a delicious fruit known for its sweet and crunchy taste. This local Malaysia fruit is also a part of many vital Malaysian dishes like spring rolls and ‘rojak’. Don’t let the plain white appearance of sengkuang deceive you as it’s jammed packed with numerous health benefits. Mainly, it can keep your hydrated as sengkuang constitutes a whopping 90% of water. Additionally, this delicious brown tuberous root is also a low carb alternative for those looking to lose some weight. 

Pro Tip: Make a delicious smoothie by adding a few slices of sengkuang and lime juice. This fantastic drink that is packed with much-needed nutrients.

6. Starfruit


Shaped like a star, starfruits have a refreshing and distinctive flavour. You can find these fruits almost all year round in Malaysia. We reckon starfruits as literally a one-stop medicine shop! One of the key benefits of starfruit is that it can keep your metabolism rate steady and strong. So, by eating starfruits regularly you’ll be able to lose weight quickly and naturally. Apart from that, starfruits are also excellent for those suffering hair loss issues.

Pro Tip: For those with acne-prone skin or oily skin eat starfruits every day. Its antimicrobial properties can reduce the tendency towards acne breakouts. 

7. Coconut


You can find coconuts almost by every road in Malaysia. To add to that there are more than hundreds of types of coconut species found all over Malaysia. Both the water and the flesh are super healthy for your body and skin. They can significantly improve your immunity system. Plus, coconut can help improve the body’s blood cholesterol levels. Moreover, coconut can also help develop healthy bones and teeth as it is rich in calcium. Coconut can repair damage and dry skin.

Pro Tip: Apply pure coconut water on the tanned skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water for tan free skin.

8. Langsat

Langsat local malaysia fruit

Langsat fruit is a tropical Malaysia fruit that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. This small sour fruit host range of health and beauty benefits. Yes, in addition to its uniquely delicious taste, langsat can help improve your skin’s quality. In particular, vitamin A in langsat fruit can lighten your skin. Apart from that, it is also great for diabetic patients as the thiamine in langsat can decrease the blood glucose level.  Additionally, langsat is also a great source of good carbohydrates. So, swap all of your unhealthy snacks to langsat as it’ll reduce your overall daily calories intake.

Pro Tip: If you’re suffering from diarrhoea issues then eat langsat fruit. This high fibre content in langsat can help regulate the body’s digestion thus preventing diarrhoea.

10. Banana

Image result for Banana 

Bananas are again another fruit that you can find pretty much everywhere in Malaysia! All you local pasar pagi and pasar malam will have this Malaysian fruit. That’s good news because bananas offer so many beauty and health benefits. It is rich in powerful antioxidants that can nourish and revitalize dry skin. Plus bananas also can smoothen rough and ageing skin. Bananas also contain high levels of potassium and natural fats, which can give a great energy boost! 

Pro Tip: If you are gym freak then bananas are a great pre-workout snack. They contain many energy-boosting nutrients. However, if you’re tryna lose weight then just stick to one day as bananas are pretty high in calories.

11. Papaya

Image result for Papaya

A popular local Malaysia fruits, papaya is a fruit that you find as an ingredient in loads of skincare products. This is because papayas contain papain which is an important natural exfoliating tonic. This special enzyme can be used to kill dead cells and speed up cell regeneration. Plus, papaya’s antioxidant properties can help wrinkles around your eyes and around your mouth. 

Pro Tip:  Eat it raw or mash it as a face mask, the papaya fruit can significantly reduce all your unwanted facial hair. So you won’t need to bleach or wax or pluck it ever again! 

12. Guava


Locally known as “jambu”, the benefits of guavas are aplenty. They’re one of the richest sources of vitamin C. In fact, guava contains four times more vitamin C than oranges. The Vitamin C present in guava can help protect you against common infections like fever, flu and such. Moreover, it can also keep your eyes healthy. Adding on, guava also has a low glycaemic index hence it is suitable for diabetic patients. Apart from the fruit, even guava seeds are so beneficial as they’re excellent laxatives too. The seeds can help the formation of healthy bowel movements.

Pro Tip: If you’re suffering from toothache then munch on guava leaves as it works so effectively in treating toothache. Optionally you can blend the leaves to a juice. It has been known to cure toothaches, swollen gums and oral ulcers.