They say that a good performer usually depends on the quality of their instruments, and that applies to beauty lovers and their never ending collection of makeup brushes as well. A great set of makeup brushes is the only way to ensure you have everything you need to create a masterpiece from your canvas. If you use the improper contour brush, for example, you may end up with a joker face. If you use too large eyeshadow brush, your ideal smoky eye a la Kim Kardashian will instantly now become a smoky mess like Batman. 

Sure, everyone has their own preferences. I mean, makeup artists around the world casually use their fingers to flatten products on their clients’ face, your friend swore by that expensive brush that she managed to get her hands on, and since there’s a lot of innovation being introduced in the beauty industry, a good makeup tools of will always do its way. 

Even if you’re searching for your first grown-up makeup brush or adding more brushes to your kit collection, the variety of options can be overwhelming—which is why we at Beauty Insider decided to brush up on the idea of finding the best makeup makeup brush sets in the market. 

Types Of Makeup Brushes

The ”sizing” is the main point to consider when purchasing a makeup brush set. Whether you’re looking for a grandeur 24 piece bundle to bring along to your next vacation or just a simple 6 piece brushes to help with your daily makeup routine. Make sure you find the perfect sizing that fits your face. From foundation brushes, to blush brushes and eyeshadow brushes, size plays such an important role to create the beauty look you desire. 

Foundation brush: The most-used brush that is made to equally apply liquid or mousse foundation for a seamlessly sleek makeup foundation.

Stippling brush: Try a stippling brush for a lighter foundation application that allows you to dab the foundation into your skin rather than brushing or heavy  it.

Powder brush: This brush is ideal for loose powders because it is lengthy and feathery.

Contour brush: For a more contoured application of something like bronzer, try an angled brush, which is designed to transfer with very little fallout.

Blush brush: As the term implies, you can use this to apply powder or mousse blush more precisely where you want it. 

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Wash Your Makeup Brushes Regularly 

Whatever it is that is going on in the world at the time, you should always, always, always clean your makeup brushes on a regular basis. To prevent unwanted bacteria from growing on your beauty tools, clean them on a regular basis and air-dry them. And, while there are numerous brush cleaners on the market for us to purchase, I always return to the tried-and-true method. 

To quickly wash makeup brushes, use a gentle body soap that contains no silicone. Place all of your makeup brushes in your bathroom sink, run water over them, coat the brushes with a few pumps of body soap, and watch that dirty foundation stain disappear. Those who only use their fingers to apply makeup or skincare products should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds before and after applying products to their face. 

Given the pandemic situation that we’re facing with the past two years, I think everyone is now well aware of the cleanliness and hygiene surrounding us. 

Don’t Share Your Makeup Brushes (Ever)

Even before the pandemic, you should have known that the golden rule of beauty is never to share any of your makeup tools. Ever. We’ve had these rules since high school: never share our mascara or eyeliners, and keep our lipsticks to ourselves. Yes, these rules were established decades ago, but now that everyone is taking virus cases seriously, there should be no doubt about the proper sanitary guidelines.

12 Makup Brushes In Malaysia

From fluffy eyeshadow brushes to feathery soft face brushes, here are our favourite brush sets for all occasions!

1. ZOEVA Voyager Travel Brush Set


First of all, our list would not be complete without at least one of ZOEVA’s iconic makeup brush sets. In addition to their amazing best-selling makeup brushes, ZOEVA is also well-known for their classic eyeshadow palettes that are great for all skin tones. This Voyager Travel Brush Set in particular is ideal for busy gals on the go. It contains 4 multifunctional brushes that make for excellent everyday essentials. Besides their signature Concealer Buffer Brush, it also features their Luxe Crease, Smoky Shader and Brow Line brushes for eyes that mesmerize.

Why we love it:

  • A blend of natural and synthetic fibres for ultra soft bristles
  • Genuine wood handles with high quality lacquer finish
  • Mini-me versions of ZOEVA’s everyday essentials

Price: RM125. Currently available for RM87.50 at Sephora.

2. ZOEVA Vegan Face Set


Next up, we have yet another favourite from ZOEVA. Plus, this one is perfect for you vegan beauty lovers out there! This sleek and chic set features 6 gorgeous face brushes and comes with a 24cm x 12cm clutch. Since it is 100% vegan, all bristles are made exclusively of a high quality synthetic fibre known as Taklon. So whether you’re applying your foundation, concealer, powder or blush, you can be sure that these bristles will feel super soft on the skin.

Why we love it:

  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Super soft and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Delivers flawless coverage with no streaking

Price: RM329. Available at Sephora.

3. Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Travel Brush Kit


Now, here’s another favourite amongst beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists alike. Besides being amazing for travel, the Mr. Bunny Travel Brush Kit by Sigma Beauty has everything you need to create a flawless face. In addition to 3 essential face brushes, the kit also contains 4 versatile brushes for the eyes. Thanks to the precise design of their bristles, you will be able to reach every section of your face with ease.

Why we love it:

  • Comes with an innovative container that transforms into 2 brush holders
  • Excellent for both beginners and professionals
  • Bristles are made of Sigma’s signature HD fibres

Price: RM364. Available at Sephora.

4. Dear Dahlia Blooming Brush Collection


If you haven’t heard of Dear Dahlia, then now’s the time to check them out! Besides their luxurious lipsticks and high quality textures, Dear Dahlia also features this gorgeous Blooming Brush set. It features 8 makeup brushes with pearlescent white handles, gold hardware and vegan bristles. Additionally, it also comes in a portable brush holder with a pretty marble design. Because of their super soft synthetic britles, they are suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Why we love it:

  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Great for travel and daily use

Price: RM320. Available at Sephora.

5. ZOEVA Rose Golden Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set


Looking for the ultimate makeup brush set for your eyes? Then look no farther than ZOEVA’s breathtakingly beautiful Rose Golden Complete Eye Set in Volume 2. Aside from their pretty millennial pink and rose gold exterior, this collection features 12 precise brushes to create a variety of eye makeup looks. Moreover, the feminine pink pouch it comes with is certainly the icing on the cake!

Why we love it:

  • 12 precise makeup brushes for the eyes
  • A blend of natural and synthetic fibres
  • Ultra-soft and blends out eyeshadows beautifully

Price: RM425. Available at Sephora.

6. IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Must-Haves! Set


Next on the list, we have here one of our favourite makeup brush sets of all time. We’re totally obsessed with IT Cosmetic’s iconic CC Creams. So it comes as no surprise that we would be crazy about their signature Heavenly Luxe brushes too! Like their namesake, these brushes feel heavenly soft and give the skin a luxurious finish. Because of their amazing quality and texture, these 5 brushes are designed to give your skin an airbrushed effect.

Why we love it:

  • Cruelty-free
  • Comes with a Luxe travel brush case
  • Award-winning synthetic bristles are suitable for sensitive skin

Price: RM312. Available at Sephora.

7. Eco Tools Start The Day Beautifully Kit


Start your day on a beautiful note with these eco-friendly brushes by Eco Tools! On top of 5 versatile everyday brushes, this set comes with an organizer tray to store your tools in one place. Additionally, the set also includes 3 how-to looks which serve as a useful guide for beginners.

Why we love it:

  • Duo fibre bristles give a flawless finish
  • Comes with a storage tray to keep your tools organized
  • Includes 3 how-to looks for beginners

Price: RM69.90. Available at

8. Real Techniques Flawless Face Set


Who in the beauty community hasn’t heard of Real Techniques’ makeup brush sets? Currently, we are loving their Flawless Face Set because of how ridiculously soft they feel on the skin. Plus, these brushes in particular are especially good for applying cream products like liquid foundations, concealers, cream contours as well as cheek and lip colors.

Why we love it:

  • Blends out cream textures beautifully
  • Gives your skin a flawless finish
  • Densely-packed and super soft bristles

Price: RM158.40. Currently available for RM99 at

9. Make Up For Ever Wonder Brush Set

Joining the ranks of our favourites is this Wonder Brush Set by Make Up For Ever. It features 5 versatile and precise brushes to create a professional everyday look. Also, their bent eyeliner brush with extra-fine tip is perfect for creating a sharp and sleek cat eye look. Additionally, you can even double it up as a precision tool to apply faux freckles!

Why we love it:

  • Chic wooden handles with silver hardware
  • Precise tools for creating a perfectly polished look
  • Comes with a futuristic metallic silver pouch

Price: RM386. Available at Zalora.

10. Real Techniques Sculpting Set


Finally, we have yet another favourite from Real Techniques! This time, it’s a set of 3 sculpting brushes. Their bristles are made of high quality Taklon synthetic bristles. If we were to choose only 3 face brushes, this set of 3 would be it! Besides, it’s all anyone needs to highlight, contour and add a dash of color to the cheeks. Also, we’ve given them extra brownie points for their pretty lilac pink shade!

Why we love it:

  • Cruelty-free synthetic bristles
  • Comes with a brush container/holder
  • Essential brushes for enhancing one’s features

Price: RM139.90. Available at Zalora.

11. Sephora Mini Brush Set

The complete face brush that works with all types of foundation, regardless of texture.  The thick, unique shape is ideal for applying foundation and blending it in without overdoing it. A round-tipped eyeshadow brush that’s ideal for applying an eyeshadow base all the way out across the eyelid, or for creating an elegant. A bevelled eyeliner brush with a flat tip for pulling tidy lines all along the upper and/or lower lashes. It can be used with liquid or cream eyeliner, as well as wet eyeshadow. A spoolie brush is used to brush your brows, set your eyebrow makeup, and give your brows a natural appearance.

Why we love it: 

  • An all-in-one complexion brush
  • Bristles made from synthetic fibres 
  • The thick, rounded head is perfect for loading with foundation

Price RM 79.00. Available at Sephora.

12. Freyara Professional Makeup Brushes Set 25pcs 

100% vegan, soft premium synthetic hairs that are fluffy and dense. This Freyara brush is intended for both makeup artists and beginners. Each brush’s name and number are written in glitter pink on the wooden handle to ensure you know which brush to use on which part of your face. The length is appropriate for use. This brush can be used to apply liquid or cream products such as foundation and primer.

Why we love it: 

  • Design for makeup artist and beginner
  • Cruelty free, no test on animals
  • Comes with booklet to explain usage of common brushes

Price. RM 170.00. Available at Freyara.

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