When we talk about skin, the phrase “you are what you eat” could not be more accurate. Nutrition, according to scientists and physicians, has a significant impact in skin health, and vitamins for acne should not be underestimated. While there are various clinical dermatological therapies for acne, additional dietary and nutritional interventions are as important to aid those who suffer from blemish skin.

And when it comes to keeping a healthier skin, always double check your hormones, heredity, cleanliness, and cosmetic products. Those are all the obvious elements that might contribute to the problematic skin. Read all about it here: Hormonal Acne: What Causes Them And How To Treat Them?

True, consuming a diversified diet rich in skin-nourishing vitamins is crucial, but we may need a little additional support from supplements from time to time. It’s important to remember that supplements should always be taken in addition to a healthy diet and should never be used as your main course. 

Below, Beauty Insider gathers some of the best supplements in Malaysia for a clearer and healthier complexion. 

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Why We Need Skin Supplements

“Think of supplements as a jigsaw piece: a focused supplement routine can improve the skin in conjunction with other good lifestyle and nutritional practices,” says Taylor Fazio, a certified dietitian nutritionist, registered dietician, and wellness director at The Lanby. “Supplements contain refined vitamins that work in precise ways to target these core reasons and correct underlying issues that are causing skin problems.”

What Are The Benefits Of Supplements? 

1. Helps Prevent Ageing-Skin

As we age, the collagen in our bodies decreases and we create less sebum, resulting in dryness, irritation, and ageing. This is when supplements come in handy. Supplements, being one of the key components of your skin, has the duty of straightening, assisting, and sealing in moisture to your skin due to dryness.

2. Helps Reduce Joint Pain

Our bones are the primary reason we can move our bodies. A little issue may impair our body’s mobility and weaken our muscular systems. Low bone density and joint discomfort might be symptoms of ageing. This is why it is critical to incorporate supplements into your everyday practices. By taking supplements you may boost your bone mineral density. 

3. Helps Increase Heart Health

Some supplements help to seal the blood vessels on your arteries, ensuring that adequate blood is pumped throughout your body. At some point in our lives, our hearts become weak or, worse, contaminated as a result of the poor environment in which we live. With enough help from vitamins and supplements, they will increase the good level of cholesterol back into your body, and thus reduce the stiffness of your artery which can lead to mild stroke attack. 

The Best Skin-Supplements in Malaysia

1. Swisse Ultiboost Collagen Plus

Australia’s No.1 beauty nutrition choice, Swisse Ultiboost Collagen Plus  is formulated with collagen hydrolysate, hyaluronic acid, copper, beta carotene and vitamins C and E to nourish and maintain overall wellbeing. It supports skin health and reduces the appearance of blemishes as well as provides antioxidant support for protection of cells from oxidation by free radicals. This collagen supplement is suitable for beginners. Seriously, a must have! 

Why We Love It 

  • Provides antioxidant support for protection of cells from oxidation by free radicals. 
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid to increase skin moisture.
  • Works from within to help support your skin

Price: RM 62.90 (30 tablets)

Where To Buy: Swisse, Watsons

2. Kordel’s Skin Clear

Kordel’s Skin Clear enriched with a mix of purifying herbs to improve your complexion. Made with Burdock root, Sarsaparilla, Echinacea, Marigold, and Red Clover Flower extract that help cleanse the skin from inside and out. It helps the skin become more balanced, smoother, firmer, and healthier.

Why We Love It: 

  • Jam packed with leaf and flower extract 
  • Skin more balanced and firmer 
  • Improve your daily energy 

Price: Starts from 49.46

Where to buy: Watsons

3. BLACKMORES Evening Primrose Oil + Fish Oil

Blackmores Evening Primrose Oil + Fish Oil provides omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, which are required for cell membrane formation and function, as well as skin and hair growth. 

Why We Love It 

  • Contains fish products, soybean products and sulfites
  • Source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids  
  • Important to help reduce inflammatory response 

Price: Starts from RM 35.70

Where To Buy: Watsons

4. FINE Japan Hyaluron Acid & Collagen White (Tin/Refill Pack)

FINE Japan Hyaluron Acid & Collagen White is arguably one of the most popular skin supplements in Malaysia. It boasts a medley of essential ingredients including collagen, L-Cysteine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and astaxanthin.

Aside from increasing skin firmness, these ingredients work collectively to deliver multiple benefits that can target sagging skin, pigmentation, and dullness. With L-Cysteine, it has high anti-ageing properties that can protect the skin from harmful UV rays and promote skin-whitening benefits. Simply take a spoonful amount and add it to your favourite beverage.

Why we love it:

  • Tasty peach flavour
  • Targets various skin conditions
  • Keeps nails and hair healthy

Price: RM238.00

Where to buy: TOKYONINKI’s official website 

5. FINE Organic Pearl Coix Extract Powder (Bottle/Refill)

Say hi to brighter-looking skin with FINE Organic Pearl Coix Extract Powder.  It is formulated with pure organic pearl coix extract which is proven by traditional Chinese medicine for its beauty and health benefits including treating skin issues, minimising swellings and eliminating water retention.

Plus its star ingredient which is certified by the Japanese Organic Standard (JAS) is packed with vitamin B1, amino acid, coixenolide and coixol. With consistent consumption, you will notice that it helps to improve your overall complexion. Simply mix between two and four spoons into your favourite beverage. 

Why we love it:

  • Promote better skin tone
  • Eliminate water retention
  • Certified  organic pearl coix extract

Price: RM237.90

Where to buy: TOKYONINKI’s official website 

6. HIMALAYA Skin Wellness 60’s

Neem, also known as the divine tree, is one of the most adaptable trees, with a wide range of medical characteristics. Blood cleansing qualities of neem It is beneficial in treating skin issues and hence in keeping healthy, better skin. Himalaya Neem Skin Wellness fights acne by suppressing the microorganisms that causes it. It also aids in the treatment of acne-causing bacteria-induced skin irritation.

Why We Love It 

  • Helps provide healthy skin
  • Provides beneficial phytochemicals 
  • Helps with skin allergies and infections 

Price: Starts from RM 45.60

Where To Buy: Watsons

7. Samaya Ayurvedic Skincare Supplement

A unique blend of powerful all-natural Ayurvedic and proven active ingredients to support healthy, youthful-looking and radiant skin from within as part of your daily skincare routine. This authentic Ayurvedic herb contains proprietary SamayaPlus™ blend of Turmeric, Triphala, Gotu Kola and Aloe Vera concentrate, the Kapha blend includes invigorating herbs such as Ashwagandha and Ginger to stimulate the metabolism and balance oily skin. 

Why We Love It: 

  • All natural ingredients 
  • Can help fight fatigue disease 
  • Contain herbs like Ginger and Tumeric

Price: RM 273.30

Where to buy: Samaya Ayuverda

8. RMS Beauty Within Probiotic + Prebiotic

RMS Beauty supplements contain Probiotics which are commonly included in health drinks such as Yakult. It is quickly becoming a game-changing element in skincare products since they include qualities that help regulate the pH of both your skin and your stomach. The probiotic in this supplement increases the amount of healthy bacteria in your gut, which helps fight infections, soothes acne and eczema-prone skin, and boosts your immune system. 

Why We Love It: 

  • Contain good bacteria to help fight infection
  • Suitable for acne prone
  • Helps promote better complexion

Price: RM 155.50

Where to buy: RMS Beauty

9. FLAVETTES Effervescent Vitamin C Glow

Unlike most of the Vitamin C supplements, you’ll see in this list; this one focuses a lot on improving complexion. On par with giving you a daily essential dose, it provides benefits to achieve glowy, radiant skin. Additionally, this water-soluble supplement is great, delicious and energising!

Why We Love It:

  • It provides benefits for the skin
  • Solutes in water for a refreshing drink
  • Taste amazing

Price: RM69.90

Where to buy: Watsons 

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