There’s no doubt that the most essential part of our daily skincare routine during the day is sunscreen. No matter the weather—rain or shine — putting on sunscreen is a step that shouldn’t be skipped. So, if you’re not keen on wearing sunscreen yet, or you want another option to fit into your busy schedule, there are variations of sunscreen formulas available. 

This includes sunscreen sticks that make it easy to apply and reapply sun protection at any time of the day, especially since you need to reapply after 3-4 hours of sun exposure. Sunscreen sticks, or sunsticks, are made up of solid blocks of sunscreen that provide strong SPF protection against UV rays. They can be swiped over the face, neck, and body with ease, making them great for when you’re on-the-go. Plus, some of them can also be applied on top of your makeup without ruining it. 

From dewy and glowy to matte and powdery finishes, Beauty Insider has listed down the top sunscreen sticks in Malaysia for your everyday shield against SPF!

7 Best Sunscreen Sticks in Malaysia

1. KyutSkin Sunscreen Stick by KyutSkin

 Local brand, KyutSkin, has developed a groundbreaking sunscreen stick that makes it convenient and easy to apply sunscreen on-the-go! Despite being newly launched on the market, Kyut Sunscreen Stick stands out because of how weightless it is when applied while providing protection for your skin. The sunscreen stick  is made to give you strong defence against harsh UV rays with its broad-spectrum protection formulation. It also contains natural oils such as jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and rosehip oil to moisturise, nourish, and soothe your skin. In addition, it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to keep your skin clear. Continuous application of the sunscreen stick on the skin also slows down skin ageing and improves skin. You can easily apply and reapply the Kyut Sunscreen Stick due to its convenient stick formula and packaging, lightweight texture, and non-greasy finish.

Why we love it:

  • Leaves behind a light, natural finish that doesn’t dry out the skin
  •  Free from harsh chemicals
  • Great to apply on top of makeup with no white cast

Price: RM79.90 per sunstick,  RM155.00 per BUNDLE OF 2, RM299.00 per BUNDLE OF 4 

Where to buy: Shopee, Tiktok Shop, and soon on the Kyut Official Website 

2. SuperGoop! Glow Stick SPF 50

The sunscreen brand that hails all the way from the USA, Supergoop, is known for its strong sun protection with each application. It has a clear, glowing finish that is great for normal to dry skin types. It also helps lock in moisture after swiping it on to keep your skin hydrated and supple each time. The Glow Stick is one of the best sunscreen sticks to swipe on if you just want to apply sunscreen and don’t wear makeup that much.

Why we love it:

  • Has a glowing finish that looks like a natural highlighter on the face
  • No white cast or piling on the skin
  • Made with clean ingredients

Price: RM130.00

Where to buy: Sephora

3. Nature Republic California Aloe Fresh Powdery Sun Stick

Infused with California Aloe Vera, Nature Republic’s California Aloe Fresh Powdery Sun Stick is a triple-function sunscreen stick that evens out skin, prevents wrinkles, and provides UV protection. Those with oily to combination skin types would benefit from this sunstick as it has sebum-absorbing properties. It’s also great to bring with you if you’re swimming – it keeps your skin protected while you’re in water due to its long-lasting waterproof function. 

Why we love it:

  • Soothes and strengthens skin
  • Has a powdery matte finish
  • Adheres easily on the skin

Price: RM69.52

Where to buy: Shopee

4. Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sunstick

Another great sunscreen sunstick you can purchase in Malaysia is Isntree’s Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun Stick! It provides every skin type with hydration and broad-spectrum protection against the sun with each swipe. Because of its airy finish, it’s also great to reapply on top of makeup without moving it around or ruining it. It also has lightening and anti-ageing benefits to prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and spots.

Why we love it:

  • Unique sunstick shape to apply sunscreen evenly on the skin
  • Glides on smoothly
  • Natural, hydrating finish

Price: RM110.28

Where to buy: Shopee

5. Shiseido Suncare UV Stick Clear Protector

Another best-selling sunscreen stick in Malaysia comes from Shiseido! Their Suncare UV Stick Clear Protector has an invisible finish that you can wear over or under makeup to give you optimal protection at any time. It provides seamless defence against the sun whether you’re on land or water, thanks to its added water and sweat-resistant function. It glides on easily on the skin without pulling or leaving behind a heavy, greasy feeling. 

Why we love it:

  • Reef-safe formula
  • Protects against sun damage, pollutants, and dryness
  • Has a veil-like function to shield the skin from any angle

Price: RM130.00

Where to buy: Shopee

6. Abib Quick Sunstick Protection Bar

Having made its quick rounds on the internet thanks to Tiktok and Instagram, the Abib Quick Sunstick is another popular sunscreen stick in Malaysia that should be on your radar! It’s great for all skin types, especially sensitive, oily, or combination skin types that want sun protection, adequate hydration, and a smooth finish. In addition, it also works as a great primer under makeup and can also be used to apply on top of it due to its light and clear formula.

Why we love it:

  • Natural, dewy finish
  • Has a sebum-absorption function to refresh skin
  • Glides on and absorbs into skin quickly

Price: RM110.00

Where to buy: Shopee

7. Wardah UV Shield Light Matte Sun Stick

Wardah’s SPF50 PA++++ UV Shield sun stick is another sunscreen stick that’s formulated to shield your skin from UVA, UVB, and even blue light emissions with each application. Its non-sticky and light formula makes it great to apply before makeup, and it can double as a primer for longer makeup wear. In addition, it helps absorb excess sebum and oil, so it’s great for those with oily skin types.

Why we love it:

  • Smooth and matte finish
  • Contains no alcohol
  • Doesn’t disturb makeup when applied on top

Price: RM26.82

Where to buy: Lazada

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