Beverley Shim Spills On How Daydreaming Of Being A Makeup Artist Became A Reality

By: Cherelle Lim / September 8, 2021
Categories : Insider Spotlight

We love to see dreamers chasing their dreams and Beverley Shim is living proof that dreams do come true! We know that there are many expectations set on kids on what their career choice should be. Most dream of a career that has nothing to do with their degree and you know what? That is totally acceptable! There are definitely a lot of people who will tell you that what they started out studying in their youth, has nothing to do with their current career. Cosmetology is probably not a favourable degree course in Malaysia, and people tend to lean towards degrees that can jumpstart your career once you graduate. But, if you wish hard enough on a shooting star, you might just see that dream come true. So, Beverley Shim has graciously shared with Beauty Insider her secrets of being a makeup artist and how far she’s come.  

Dreams Become Reality

Not everyone knows what they want to be or do when they grow up. Especially kids! As a child, you’ve probably switched careers 10 times before the age of 10. That’s because you’re definitely still exploring the possibilities of what you can achieve. As for Beverley, her passion for makeup didn’t start manifesting until she was in University. Although she started out with the goal to become a Quantity Surveyor, she dabbled with makeup. But, she never thought that this daydream could be her full-time career. After working as a QS for almost a year, Beverley quickly realised that it wasn’t her forte and her daydreams of becoming a makeup artist definitely looked more appealing!

What fueled your passion for makeup and what would you be if you weren’t a makeup artist? 

So my passion for makeup really started out of the need to identify what I really wanted to do with my life. Although, it is usually the other way around for most people. Most would have a passion and develop it into a profitable career. For me, it was 1. plan a career where I can work for myself and 2. identify what kind of creative work I’d be good at. I had an epiphany while working as a QS that I would hate my life if I continued on that path and I really wanted to craft a life I actually love. Honestly, I think I would be a baker if I wasn’t a makeup artist! My mum baked a lot at home and I was always there to help and of course, to eat! 

Where did you learn your skills as a makeup artist and what was that experience like? Did you ever think of giving up?

I learned the art of makeup at Xpression Master Academy in KL. When I decided to leave my job as a QS, my parents were against my decision. So it was really tough mentally, for me as I was constantly being questioned by my parents. Financially, I was strained as well because I didn’t want to burden my parents and there were additional expenditures that I didn’t foresee. Although it was tough, the thought of giving up never crossed my mind because I was happy and really loved the classes. I was learning a skill that I was confident would bring me more joy and satisfaction than being a QS. 

Award Winning Makeup Artist


The pride of Sabah, the land below the wind, Beverley Shim represented Malaysia at the 2018 NYX Face Awards. What’s more, is that she also joined fellow makeup artists from across Malaysia at the 2019 MMA Awards! Both times, Beverley managed to come out on top as the champion with her amazing makeup looks and talent. While one was the results she expected from hard work, the other proves just how much talent she holds.

How did you feel when you won the 2018 NYX Face Awards and 2019 MMA Awards? Did you have a gut feeling that you were going to win or was it a complete surprise?

When I won the NYX Face Awards in 2018, I remember feeling very happy and super satisfied! There were a lot of rounds leading up to the finals and a lot of hard work that went into it from creating the looks, to filming and editing. I felt really proud to represent Sabah and was super ecstatic because I got to travel to Los Angeles with all expenses paid!! That was an experience of a lifetime. 

For the MMA Awards in 2019, I really didn’t expect to win. It was the first MMA I attended and there were a lot of talented makeup artists from all over Malaysia who were involved. I participated just to have fun, and didn’t really plan out much for the finale. I was really lucky to have the late Boyd Petrus design the outfit for my model and honestly if it wasn’t for the beautiful gown, I don’t think I would have come up with the makeup look! So it was a complete surprise when it was announced that I was the winner, and I’m pretty sure I blanked out for a minute! 

What has been your most ultimate favourite look that you have created? 


My favourite has to be the look I created for the 2nd elimination round of the Nyx Face Awards 2018. It was an original idea, and I created the headpiece myself! I love simple yet impactful looks that convey a deeper meaning. This look was to show the many beautiful cultures and races in Malaysia, coming together as one. 

I noticed on your Instagram that you’ve done some creative and quite scary makeup looks! Be honest, do you prefer doing creative makeup looks compared to glam, natural looks? 

I actually do love Special Effects (SFX) makeup more than beauty makeup! SFX makeup involves a lot of creativity, recreating wounds that look realistic and creating characters that are out of this world. Combining SFX and beauty makeup helped me a lot during competitions. 

An Opporunity Of A Lifetime

As fate would have it, Beverley Shim’s win from the 2019 MMA Awards earned her a great sum of money which she would put into a new venture. Aside from providing makeup services, Beverley started offering semi-permanent makeup as a change! Dealing with clients can be terrifying, especially when they don’t know what they’re in for! But Beverley always manages to win their hearts and has raised many protégés from her makeup classes as well!

When did you decide to open your own Bevstudio to provide semi-permanent makeup services? It can be quite scary to mess up, so have you ever had any unsatisfied customers? 


I remember it was right after winning the MMA 2019, I had won RM10k in cash prize and reinvested that into a brow embroidery course. After doing makeup for more than 10 years, the initial challenges and excitement have kind of worn off. So I was really excited to venture into semi-permanent makeup for a change and started Bev Studio. With my years of experience as a makeup artist, I’ve learned to communicate with my clients, determine what they like and also manage their expectations. So luckily, I have not had any unsatisfied customers thus far. It is also important to note that with every client, a pre-draw is done and when the client is satisfied, then and only then I would carry on with the procedure. 

The most common issue is when the client gets home and goes through the healing process, they often get panicky when the brows start to flake off and it seems like the pigment has faded off too much. But we will always send them graphics showing them that it’s normal and they can rest assured the colour will resurface after a week!

As you also provide many makeup classes and brow embroidery courses for people to learn, how many have graduated from your classes! Do you consider any of them your protégé?

For makeup, I probably have over 300 students already! For brow embroidery, on the other hand, I actually have less than 10 students so far. I believe all my students are my proteges! They always come back to me with questions and I’m always happy to assist them. 

I started brow embroidery in late 2019 right before the pandemic hit, so in total, I only had probably 9 months worth of working experience due to the many lockdowns. Unfortunately, the beauty industry was heavily affected and is the last sector allowed to open in all of the lockdowns. 

How are you handling Bev Studio and is there any chance that your team will expand in the future?

I am actually a solo artist at Bev Studio. But, I also have my assistant who helps me with customer contact and arranging my schedule. Perhaps in the future, I will expand into a 2 person team, when the pandemic becomes more stable and we can finally be assured that there will be no more lockdowns.

A Makeup Guru On Youtube

If you haven’t already, you should definitely subscribe to Bev Muah on youtube as she is a rising Youtuber you don’t want to miss out on! Recently back online, Beverley has been sharing her life, skincare, makeup and haircare tips for everyone. She’s also got a few product reviews that will help you decide whether they’re worth it or not!

You’re also quite active on Youtube, and have over 4000 followers! Do you edit your own videos as well? Is it also your personal passion project to share your life and makeup tips?

Yes, I have only recently been active again as I am not able to operate Bev Studio. So with the ample free time, I thought why not just create some content and hopefully be able to share my life, makeup, skincare and hair tips as well as reviewing products! 

I am a lone ranger in this endeavour, from idea conception, filming and editing. Sometimes my assistant would help me with editing but as I am also learning new editing skills, I like to do it myself before showing her the ropes. 

Can you share a few of your go-to makeup tips and what would you say to those that are pursuing a career in the makeup industry? 

My advice is to keep it simple, enhance your features and don’t follow trends! I would say find your voice, your style and trust it. I find that the most successful makeup artists always have their own distinctive styles. They don’t follow trends, they set them.