Pardon me, before I begin this article let me just quickly yawn. Anyway, is it just me or is everyone getting a lot tirer these days? It’s the feeling of burn out, perhaps? Or just the gloomy weather makes us want to cuddle on our bed a little longer. Whatever the reason behind it, I know this isn’t the sign of ageing. Because hello, I am still in my 20’s, I was supposed to feel more energized and animated compared to any other age group. Right?

Having to face the constant feeling of fatigue or tiredness can be annoying. They restrict our daily activities, blocking our creativity, and limit our movements. And no matter how many cups of coffee I chunk, I still can’t seem to push the feeling of tiredness away. So could anyone pinpoint me to a way where I could fight the urge to nap every one hour? I mean, I did discover a way to help combat fatigue online—which the term is called Biohacking. At first I was like ‘’What in the Princess Diana is this Biohacking means?’’. Until I learned that Biohacking refers to monitoring your Biology vibrancy. So anything that is related to meditation, sleep tracking or pumping your blood into your veins are all considered ‘’Biohacking’’ can help boost your daily mood. 

It is basically a practise where you pay attention to Biological needs. Because believe it or not, the feeling of tiredness, fatigue and moody actually came from within. What you consume, what time you went to sleep, how many sweat sessions you did you perform in a week, so on and so forth. But worry not, I know you’re scratching your head at the moment. Beauty Insider will teach you ways to feel more connected to your biology needs and no, no labs involved. You can just do it at the comfort of your home. 

Prioritise Sleeping

I guess the fairytale of Sleeping Beauty exists for a reason? Maybe they want to encourage us to sleep more? Anyway, as much as everyone loves the idea of sleeping, it is actually the number tool for almost everything. Because when we sleep, we somehow recharge our body. It’s like putting our body in a do not disturb mode. Though, according to all health experts, getting the right amount of sleep can improve your overall health, mental clarity, contribute to weight loss and getting better skin, nails and hair. But how do one get enough time to sleep where we tend to live with a lot of distractions in this generation? We’re talking overloaded work, social media, gaming and more. Well, the first step is to prioritise your sleeping time. You have to be very very very disciplined in this. Cutting down sweets and caffeinated drinks at least 4 hours before bedtime. For active social media users, we suggest you set an alarm to mark the ‘’times out’’ of using any devices. The blue lights exposed by your tech devices actually are so dangerous that they stop our secreting melatonin. Which we need the most. They impact our sleep quality. Also, put your devices away from your bed so you don’t feel the need to check them every 10 minutes. 

Connect To Your Surrounding 

Okay, it doesn’t specifically have to be a garden, though. Just taking a stroll outside during  a quiet evening would do. Connect more to your surroundings and take a deep breath as you feel the earth moving. Sometimes we are too consumed in our own little world that we forget we’re actually living in a bigger world. And there’s a lot of things around us to be thankful for. Use this time to push any negative thoughts at the back of your mind and just appreciate your surroundings. Grounding is definitely a fantastic anti-inflammatory practice, even Miranda Kerr swears by this technique. She used this moment to install positive thoughts like listing down things that she was grateful for. Do this at least twice in a week and see how your life changes. You will feel more relaxed and less tired. The more you help yourself by slowing down your hectic schedule, the more your body will thank you. Thus, you will feel less tired and moody in the morning. 

Monitor Your Diet 

How many of you are too familiar with the words, ‘’You are what you eat’’?. Yeah, there’s indeed a fact in it. In Biohacking, instead of mindlessly eating whatever you want or what’s within your grip, they suggest you practice intermittent fasting. If you can’t do it, you can opt for the similar version which is ensuring a perfect plate method. Half veggies, quarter of protein, very minimal cabs and a tiny amount of fat. You might want to jot that down for the next time you go grocery shopping! According to my findings, Biohacking practisers always aim for food that offer a good amount of phytonutrients and adaptogens. Also known as mushrooms, reishi or chaga, These plant-based foods will restore the hydration that your overly-tired body needs and bring balance to your energy. 

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