Insider Trends: Looks Like Blue Eyeshadow Is The New Maximalist Trend!

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / August 17, 2021
Categories : Beauty News, Makeup

There was a time when the maximalist makeup trend was everything—thick cat eyeliner, bold lip colour, and sparkly deep eye shadow. And now, we have come full circle because the trendy blue coloured shadow is making its way back to the makeup world. It’s like they’re never left, really. The colour blue is so universal. They can be paired with any lip colour combination. From soft baby blue to dark and deep cerulean, the option is endless. 

Take a cue from the 90’s Hollywood chicks, from Christina Alguiera to iconic girl group Spice Girls. They were never shy to rock a good ole’ sparkly and blue coloured shadow. And why would they? It is the best way to stand out from the crowd and show your creative and fiery side! There’s something about the colour blue that will instantly make you feel free and light-hearted. Probably the embodiment of what happiness looks like. 

So, according to all beauty magazines and beauty editors around the world, blue eyeshadow is the colour to this year’s summer trends. And we can’t agree more on this—ahead, check out Beauty Insider’s way of rocking the blue coloured eye shadow. 

What Makes Blue Shadow Trendy Now? 

We saw the return of a blue shadow recently during the TV BAFTA Award when the Bridgertons’ star Nichola Coughlan‘s smokey blue eye hit the red carpet. She rocked a blend of deep blue eyeshadow on the crease and a hint of sparkly light blue on the corner of her eyes. She was literally serving looks there. And not long after, we saw our favourite supermodel Bella Hadid wearing a light, somewhat tule, blue eyeshadow colour in one of her iconic 90’s inspired photoshoots. And after that, we just keep seeing the rise of the blue eyeshadow because even Grammy winner, Dua Lipa came to liken the colour! But seriously, we aren’t surprised at all. See, we told you, the colour is so universal. 

The Smokey Blue Shadow

There are a few ways you can apply blue coloured shadow onto your lids. The first and straightforward way is to swipe it across your crease and smoke it out. To create this look, you can take any blue shadow color of your choice and blend it on your lids, creating a wing effect. And then take a lighter blue shadow, and soften the edges. Keep on blending until you finish creating those winged out smokey effects. After that, take a sparkly shadow and highlight on the inner corner of your eyes. If you crave a dramatic look, apply the same colour on your waterline, too. This trick will make your eyes appear bigger. Don’t forget to spritz some setting spray to keep your makeup on lock. 

The Two Tone Colour

Nothing screams drama, drama, drama, louder than this two tone blue eyeshadow look. Yes we admit it, this look is hard to pull off, but once you master the art of its sorcery, nothing can stop you. If you study the picture carefully, you notice that the waterline is slathered with cobalt. But it didn’t stop there—they continued stretching it further onto the top lash, and finished it off with a turquoise shade coating the under eye area. When these two powerful blue colour shadows combined, phew! Just look at the result. 

However, there’s a trick when it comes to applying a two tone colour like this; make sure you find the best pigmented eyeshadows like Urban Decay or Fenty Beauty. Spray your shadow brushes with a spritz of water and the colour is thundery than ever.  The power that they hold! 

The Basic Waterline

Okay, for this look, the difficult rating is literally negative 2 over ten. Especially if you’re a pro at winged liner game. Go ahead and apply the minimal colour of eyeshadow for this look. You can leave your lid empty, too, if you want. Next, take an icy coloured blue shadow of your choice and slowly run it over along the bottom lash line. You can apply the same coloured liner on your water line too, to further enhance your look. See, we told you it’s gonna be easy. This look suits every skin tone and eye colour, so really there is nothing to worry about. Now you’re a part of the vsco girl community!

The Ocean Wave

Ooof, ladies, if you are a serious ‘’go big or go home’’ kind of person, you can simply pull this look off. It’s giving us 60’s sirens kinda vibes and we’re loving it! To achieve this look, you will need to start out with a simple base shadow—you can choose any soft brown or nude colour of your choice. Then, gently sketch out the outline with a black liner, the intensity and the length are limitless. You can go as dramatic as you, no one’s stopping you. Then start by filling in the shadow inside, bringing it all to your tear duct area. For a more detailed look, apply a thick cat eye eyeliner and then coast your lashes with mascaras. And tadaa! You’re done. 

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