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Reduce Acne by 27% *
& Tighten Pores by 22% *

Accelerate your skin’s renewal with DR.WU award winning best-selling Mandelik serum.

DR.WU Mandelik Intensive Renewal SerumDR.WU awards

*Performance test by Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science: 1day/7-day/28-day results of 10 subjects who used Mandelic Intensive Renewal Serum 18% three times a week.

DR.WU Mandelik Intensive Renewal Serum Benefits

Safe & effective
skin renewal:

Mandelic acid for oily and combination skin

Mandelic acid is regarded as the timeless renewal to all skin type

High skin-affinity
Mild and safe
Remains popular treatment program among aesthetic clinics for a decade

The pH level is the key of effectiveness and safety

Mandelic acid serum is meticuosly formulated to maintain the perfect pH level, ensuring maximum effectiveness while being gentle on your skin.


Classic Gold 18% concentration Mandelic Acid

Penetrates deep into your skin, addressing issues at their core with non-irritative approach delivers effective solutions that go beyond the surface, revealing a vibrant complexion that exudes confidence.

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DR.WU Mandelik Intensive Renewal Serum Trial Kit

Target 8 major skin alerts
Home renewal skin treatment

7-day consumer test shows*


Remove blackheads

DR.WU results remove blackheads graphDR.WU results remove blackheads before & after


Tightens pores

DR.WU results tightes pores graphDR.WU results tightes pores before & after


Eliminates acne in 1 day

DR.WU results eliminates acne graphDR.WU results eliminates acne before & after

DR.WU Review & Win

Use step

1. Cleanser

DR.WU Step 1 cleanser

Renewal cleansing mousse with mandelic acid
2. Renewal Serum

DR.WU Step 2 serum

Intensive renewal serum with mandelic acid 18%
3. Toner

DR.WU Step 3 toner

Mandelic pore refining essence toner
4. Hydration

DR.WU Step 4 hydration

Intensive hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid/hyalucomplex intensive hydrating gel
5. Sunblock

DR.WU Step 5 sunblock

UV Extream protect lotion spf50+ 50ml