Get rich eyelashes! Eyelash serum “gLash” has highly concentrated Fulvic acid, that is a essential ingredient for the human body to spread nutrition to cells efficiently. It contains Amino Acid, Minerals and Enzymes which are important for eyelashes to prevent hair loss, thinning hair and are expected to stimulate hair growth.

To make the eyelash grow, enough nutrition is required to spread to the hair matrix cell through blood. Eyelash will grow when these nutrients reach the hair matrix cells and the cells are divided. Also, this gLash serum has highly concentrated clover essence, and acetyl peptide which has been said to help greatly with eyelash growth. It also helps to make eyelashes supple and voluminous. Use it twice daily, once in the morning and once at night for best results and it will provide the essential nutrients for healthy eyelashes.


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