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Meet our skin duo that keeps your skin radiant and healthy from day to night.

Morerich Pack

  • A carbonated 7-day gel mask packed with nutrients
  • Delivers face-firming oxygen to the skin for a healthy, natural glow
  • Combined with mineral-rich water from Hokkaido & plant-derived Pentavitin for up to 72 hours of hydration
  • Made for all skin types; to address skin concerns such as sagging skin frequent breakouts, blemishes, dark spots, and sunburn

“What skincare products do you use?’ This was the question I asked every time I met a beautiful woman. This led me to try products from all over the country, but only a few out of hundreds satisfied me. As I researched, I discovered a factory in Chiba with the technology I was looking for. Together, we formulated the Morerich Pack. This product contains a delicate balance of moisturising ingredients, a formula which was fine-tuned over time. Try this seven-day set and watch your skin transform.”– SONMI

Price: SGD190

F Bright UV Base

  • Dubbed as the “Miracle Sunscreen”
  • Formulated with SPF44 PA+++ that’s a strong defense against UVA & UVB rays to prevent premature ageing of the skin
  • Two-in-one function: Sunscreen and Makeup Base
  • Non-clogging formula that suits all skin types and skin tones

“It’s not enough to just wear sunscreen; you need to wear the right sunscreen. You see, most anti-UV products contain harmful ingredients which can lead to skin oxidation and damage, when used daily. This problem inspired me to create the F Bright UV Base. Finally, a strong sunscreen that can safely be used 365 days of the year! To soothe skin, we included a moisturising plant extract called Pentavitin. And to remove the risk of oxidation, we used Fullerenes, an antioxidant that’s 172 times more powerful than Vitamin C. This UV Base is proof that good skincare makes the best makeup base.” – SONMI

Price: SGD70

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Our Brand Story

meeth believes in being kind to the skin. That’s why our products are gentle on the body, infused with the right amount of moisturizer and devoid of aggressive formulas. Our muted tones and classy but minimalist designs symbolise the high-quality, high-purity, no-fuss nature of the brand. The products speak for themselves. They are not just a fad, but designed to withstand the test of time.

Our CEO & Founder

meeth’s founder, Sonmi,is the soul of the brand. She is a sought-after Japanese celebrity and model, who is trusted on matters of beauty. She is a symbol of the confidence and passion that we want meeth products to bestow on others. As a voice, she is both are liable friend who cares, who we can trust and a passionate powerhouse who has spent her career fine-tuning these formulas. Early this year, she released her first beauty book, Perfect Skin Is The Best Jewelry. After all those years of looking for the best ingredients for the perfect skin, she now successfully turns it into a beauty treasury and shares it with others.