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Get to know our most advanced and powerful IPL technology in the market

Smooth Skin Product info

Easy guide to using your SmoothSkin Pure Fit

Prep the Area

Shave the hair on the area to be treated. It is recommended to do a patch test at least 24 hours before continuing the treatment.

Press on the skin and click

Press the device onto your skin and make sure the sensor is touching the skin. The skin sensor will measure your unique skin tone and the power level is displayed on the power bars on the side of the device.

Choose your preferred skin setting

Set up according to your preferences: POWER mode for the highest energy output, GENTLE mode for sensitive areas, and SPEED mode for ultrafast treatment.

Move with ease

Use GLIDE mode by holding the button down and gliding the device across the skin continuously.

Maintain consistency

The hair removal device should be used once a week for 12 weeks, then top-up treatments are advised every 4-6 weeks to keep skin hair-free.

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