You might think of breast self-exams for lumps when you hear the word “breast massage.” However, there is a different type of breast massage that is far more enjoyable than a self-check. Not to mean that it isn’t important to self-check but it is a vital part that every woman should be aware of. With that, Beauty Insider is talking about performing a breast massage that can aid in lactation, tension and so much more!

Breast massage is intended to be a self-love exercise. It can aid with stress relaxation, improved circulation, and the release of discomfort and breast tenderness if done appropriately and with the client’s agreement. Touching the breasts is not often viewed as a comfortable feature of traditional Western-style massage, thus it won’t be on the menu at your local spa or included in your regular full-body massage.

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They are, however, performed as part of an Ayurvedic Abhyanga massage, which is a full-body oil massage. If you go to an Ayurvedic practitioner, they’ll massage your breasts in a circular manner before moving on to your armpits and breastbone. You may even use the same techniques to massage your own breasts if you choose.

Benefits Of A Breast Massage

Improve circulation for breastfeeding

It is beneficial to massage the breasts to promote blood flow to the mammary glands. Circulation in the breast region is significant since it has been shown to release oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and unhappiness. Not only that, but it may be extremely beneficial to new mothers who choose to breastfeed: Massaging the breasts on a regular basis can help maintain the milk and blood flow going through the breasts, making the process simpler and less painful.

Relieving tension

Breast massage has a lot to do with relieving stress, according to Ayurveda. Because your breasts are mostly made up of fatty tissue, they might get stagnant if you don’t get a massage. Manipulation of the region promotes mobility and can aid in the clearing of fat gathering pathways. Stagnation in your fat tissue can lead to the formation of benign lumps or bumps, which can be broken up by applying heat and increasing circulation to the region.

Aid in lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic system, which includes the breasts, can get clogged and blocked, especially if you’ve undergone surgery in the chest or breast area. The lymphatic system may be detoxed by massaging and removing stagnation in the chest region. You could feel a release from your sinuses and then need to blow your nose. For extra relief, work or have the practitioner focus specifically on the armpits, where the lymph nodes are concentrated.

Identification of breast cancer

Breast self-examinations and massage can help detect breast cancer in its early stages. According to one research, 25% of women discover their breast cancer by self-examination. Another 18%are diagnosed with cancer by chance. Early detection of cancer may improve your prognosis, therefore it’s a good idea to make it a part of your normal practice.

How To Perform A Breast Massage?


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One breast at a time should be the focus of your attention. Place four fingers on the top of one hand’s breast and four fingers on the bottom of the other hand’s breast. Circular massage is recommended. If your hands are warm, they may feel better.

Continue in a circular movement, moving your focus to the sides of your breasts. Make fists with your hands and rub or knead your breasts softly. Place your index finger behind the base of your nipple if you want to hand express.

Bring your fingers together and gently press down on the breast, forcing the milk toward the nipple and expressing the breast milk. If necessary, change your posture. Squeeze in a heartbeat-like rhythm.

Lymph drainage

The axillary region under your arms is where the lymph drainage massage begins. You may be able to feel your lymph nodes under the skin at this point. Continue massaging the right breast in a clockwise motion and the left breast in a counter-clockwise way.

This resembles the lymphatic system’s flow. A practitioner can gently apply pressure in gentle strokes all the way around the breast and underarm with both hands. After the circle is complete, your practitioner may use both hands to press the breast inward several times.

This form of massage is also something you may do on your own. You could even see the nodes draining when you touch them. It’s recommended to leave this sort of massage to the specialists if you’ve had recent operations or other difficulties.

Reducing tension

The breasts and chest muscles are massaged in a similar but somewhat different way. The nipple is frequently included in breast massage. This is not the case with a pectoral massage. A massage therapist may concentrate on the three regions where the chest muscles join the body when working on the chest muscles.

While you may be able to reduce stress on your own, a qualified massage therapist may be able to move your muscles more effectively for the best results. It’s normal if having this region massaged by a stranger makes you feel uneasy. If a professional intends to massage your chest, they should first notify you and then obtain your permission. Professional massage does not usually include breast massage.

To detect lumps

Make a visual inspection of your breasts in front of a mirror. Keep an eye out for any size, colour, or form variations. To look from different angles, place your hands at your sides, then on your hips, and finally over your head.

Place one hand behind your head and three fingers on your breast while still staring in the mirror. Make tiny circles with your fingertips over your breast tissue. As you stroll your fingers over all locations, apply gentle, medium, and strong pressure.

As you walk your fingers down the area beneath your armpit, make little circles with your fingertips. Massage the other breast in the same way. Squeeze each nipple to check for any discharge or soreness at the end of your breast massage. Make an appointment with your doctor if you have one of these symptoms.