Peach fuzz may sound cute but trust us it definitely does not look cute on your face! We know that the pandemic has taught us to embrace our naturalness, including letting that facial and leg hair grow out. But sometimes, self-care and extra TLC are all you need to keep your sanity. Besides, nobody can resist that smooth skin, right? Removing unwanted hair can be traumatic, especially when it’s super painful (crying inside). Fret not, Beauty Insider has the deets on the latest ‘it beauty device”, BrowsPop Precision Brows Pen!

Founded by Sanjna, BrowsPop Precision Brows Pen is a multipurpose device that helps to remove facial hair as close as to the roots, leaving your skin super smooth. As the name suggests, it is designed like a pencil to ensure precision and is super easy to use. Simply turn it on and watch it remove all that facial hairs away.

With Micro-Precision Technology, the Precision Brows Pen uses blades that are hidden in the 12 slits to ensure a painless experience. Plus, it is created from premium hypoallergenic metals that are stainless-free and waterproof. The BrowsPop Precision Brows Pen is known for its durability and long-lasting usage, so you can bid goodby to pricey salon sessions.

“I knew I could do better than what’s been available on the market, so I set out to create a hair removal device that is sleek, easy to use, affordable, compact – and up to my very high standards,” said Sanjna.

It is super duper lightweight and portable, thus the Precision Brows Pen is a go-to beauty device for those who want to look their best every time. The best part? It only takes less than two minutes to remove unwanted hair and attain those eyebrows on fleek instantly.

Do you want to try it yourself? Click here to purchase this cult-favorite beauty device which retails for RM165.00 and make sure to follow them on Instagram.