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Watsons Unveils Booster Essence, Newest Addition To Collagen By Watsons Range

Watsons has unveiled Booster Essence, the latest addition to its Collagen by Watsons range during the official launch at Vida Ceylon. According to Caryn Loh, Watsons Malaysia Managing Director, “At Watsons, we continue to keep up with the trend and demand of our consumers. As one of our leading home brands, Collagen by Watsons has […]

Year of The Tiger, Check Out SK-II ‘s Pitera Essence New Stripes!

SK-II has long been recognised for producing limited editions of its popular face treatment essence. Every festive season, they’ve released many special designs, and each one is always eye-catching. They’ve never failed to WOW us with the distinctive designs they provide, and they’re surely one to exhibit beautifully. This Year of the Tiger is no […]

Level Up Your Skincare Game With NUDESTIX New 4-In-1 Beauty Magnet Tool

If you want that smooth glass skin, then skincare is something you need to look into. But skincare is more than just emulsions and eye creams. In fact, skincare tools play a big role in nourishing your skin. They help depuff and blend your skincare into your skin thoroughly. For skincare tool fanatics, face rollers […]

Enjoy 2022 In A Youthful Glow with These Products and Activites!

It’s 2022! New Year is always an occasion worth celebrating and it’s all fun and games until you realise you’re getting older too. So, what are you writing on your new year’s resolution list to keep yourself feeling youthful inside and out? Well, we’ve got some suggestions on some activities you can pick up, and […]

The Best New Launches In December That Are Worth Stocking Up For Next Year

As the new year draws closer, we can’t help but think about the list of beauty products that we have the pleasure of trying out. Whether it’s makeup, skincare or even perfumes, these products have been carefully curated for the diverse beauty community. As beauty junkies, we love being pampered with new product launches every […]

Have You Been Buying The Real Eye Mo?

Have you ever wanted a particular brand but were given something else? We’ve all been in those situations before, haven’t we? But most of the time, we refuse because it’s simply not what we want. Well, Eye Mo should be no stranger to you. They have been in the market for decades, becoming a household […]