The Best DIY Guide You’ll Need to Cut Your Own Hair at Home!

With the COVID-19 spreading quickly in Malaysia, it is important to stay at your and be safe. Salons are also urged to close by the government which means its up to you to groom your locks. Beauty Insider is here to teach you how you can cut your own hair in the comfort and safety […]

men's health clinics in malaysia
Visit These Men’s Health Clinics in Malaysia Now #MenHealthMatters!

According to the Malaysian Ministry of Health, one out of six men in Malaysia is diagnosed with diabetes, one out of three men lives with hypertension and one out of two has high cholesterol levels! Another shocking fact is that the morbidity and mortality rate among men is higher than women in Malaysia. This shows […]

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12 Best Men Perfumes in Malaysia To Gift Your Dad This Father’s Day!

Father’s day is just around the corner, are you wondering what to gift your best man? Well, how about perfumes? Perfumes aren’t just a perfect way to treat the world’s best dad but it is also an ideal gift for men as men, in general, have higher testosterone levels that can trigger androstenol production, which […]

10 Proven Ways to Grow Your Beard Faster, Thicker and Longer Naturally

First off, we want to congrats on hopping on the epic journey of beard-growing. Whether you have a beard or not, just to put in the effort and take the first step to get to know about ways to grow your beard is truly awesome. Whether your reason to start growing a beard is something […]

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18 Best Men Face Washes in Malaysia To Add To Your Grooming Kit!

Our face is the most important feature in our body. Whether you are man or woman keeping your face clean should be on top of your skincare regime. What’s more important than washing your face regularly is using the right type of face wash for your skin. In fact, fash wash should be an essential […]