Give Your Damaged Hair a Lux Luminique Make-Over

Lux Luminique is designed to refresh your dry and damaged hair. The brand is introducing its first-ever Superfood series with the new Acai Straight and Goji Berry Moist! The Lux Luminique Acai Straight Shampoo and Treatment revitalizes your hair and scalp. The shampoo and treatment is formulated using acai berries, known for its high antioxidant. This […]

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Tips For Hair Care in the Comforts of Your Own Home

The kitchen is a haven of nutritious ingredients that is good not jut for consumption but for the health of your hair. Read on further for the easiest yet most effective remedies and tips to healthy hair. Use minimal hair products. Don’t overdose on a number of hair products, they’re definitely no good for your hair. […]