Let’s Settle Once And For All: Who Comes First- Foundation Or Concealer?

By: Nina Shahriman / November 27, 2021

Let’s agree on one thing, we all grew up learning and understanding about makeup in similar ways. From beauty YouTubers, blog posts and our favourite beauty tabloids like Beauty Insider– oh the good days. However, with many sources and techniques, there’s been one heavy debate that’s been consistent. With that, in this article, let’s conclude […]

Best Highlighters In Malaysia: If You’re Not Shining Bright Like A Diamond, Then You’re Missing Out!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / September 25, 2021

Allow me to clarify the marvels of utilising a highlighter if you haven’t been turned on by the power it provides. Therefore, highlighters may appear daunting at first, but this shimmering makeup lifesaver has far too many applications to be overlooked! Whether you’re a seasoned highlighter user or just getting started, Beauty Insider has compiled […]

These Are Holy Grail Foundations for Beauties with Oily Skin

By: Nina Shahriman / July 13, 2021

If you have oily skin then you know the struggle of searching for good foundations. You need one that will resist the oils of your skin, helping it to appear matte and smooth. It’s not the most desirable look to walk around with an extremely shiny face which is why searching for a good foundation […]

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A Simple Guide On How To Determine Your Face Shape

By: Cherelle Lim / May 4, 2021

Have you ever wondered what your face shape is? I mean, do you even know what your face shape is? What if what you thought about the shape of your face is wrong? Not too sure or just want a quick check? Well, you’re in luck! Beauty Insider is here to help you find out […]

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Chanel Pierres de Lumière – inter-play of colour and light

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / March 18, 2019

Chanel has launched new colours for spring, summer 2019 under the Pierres de Lumière collection, consisting eye colours, face powders, lip and nail colours. The collection is inspired by the play-of-colour (an optical effect) resulting from light reflected on precious stones. Luminous and iridescence characterizes the collection. With gold and rose quartz colour giving rise […]

The Best Korean Makeup Products in Malaysia

These 16 Korean Makeup Products In Malaysia Are Favs Among Many K-Pop Stars!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / February 8, 2019

Looking for some good Korean makeup products in Malaysia to re-create your favourite K-Pop star’s look? Then it is the right time and place to turn that Korean beauty dream of yours into a reality! Well, firstly cuz it is very doable and secondly, you don’t need to fly to Seoul to get all their […]

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The Remarkable Primers – Colour correcting primers and the Colour Wheel

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / January 6, 2019

While some may consider face primer as yet another unnecessary layer on the face, face primer undeniably has benefits and make that extra layer worth its efforts: Smoother look – face primer acts as a foundation to a foundation. It offers a smooth base by filling out fine lines, wrinkles and recesses on the skin […]

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