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Home remedies to lighten your skin naturally

Whitening products are aplenty on the market. There are good reasons for that, especially in Asia where to many, the beauty standard is how fair you are. Furthermore, lightening and brightening gives a youthful and healthy look, and helps to even out skin tones. However, some of us may be concerned with the type of […]

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Is Your Skin Not Responding to Your Favourite Skincare Products?

Can  your skin get used to skincare products? Would their effectiveness reduce as a result? Skin does become “used to” to some concentrated active ingredients Dermatologists calls it tachyphylaxis, where your skin gets tolerant to an ingredient so it stops responding to it. However, this only applies to some ingredients, like retinol and salicylic acid. […]

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Skincare Routines for Dry Skin by Three Beauty Vloggers

Is there such a thng as perfect skin? Some finds a routine that worked for them! Beauty vloggers share their favorite skin care products for dry skin and how they applied them. May be we can take notes and see it goes. Toner can help dry skin!  Christine Chang runs Glow Recipe, an online distributor […]

15 Natural Skincare Tips and Ingredients Straight from the Kitchen!

The kitchen is a haven not just for tummy, but also a trusted source for a quick and cheap skincare quick fix. Tea Bags for Eye Bags Put 2 tea bags in the refrigerator as a remedy for puffy and tired eyes. Take the tea bags out and place them on your eyelids for 10 […]

3 Essential Ingredients for Dry Skin – to Hydrate and Nourish!

Here are three ingredients that helps to add hydration to dry skin: Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar that draws in water molecules. It can hold up to 1,000x its weight in water. It is found in our skin but as we age, we produce less of it. This ingredient hydrates and protects […]

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Affordable Skincare Regimen to Achieve the Glass Skin Look!

In the K-beauty world, everyone is talking about glass skin: clear, poreless and almost translucent skin. However, the skin care routine requires a lot of products, time and commitment. Don’t worry: we found how 3 top beauty influencers got the best skincare regimen with affordable drugstore finds. Basics of Glass Skincare Routine Face wash – Double-cleanse. Toner […]

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Products that add Glow and Radiance to Your Skin

Beauty Insider has tried and tested 5 top skin care products you can introduce into your daily skin care routine. These natural skin care products will refresh your skin and make it more radiant and bright. Here is our list of the top new skincare products to hoard. Cleansers Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Conditioning Cleanser Kiehl’s Cucumber […]

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5 Organic Ingredients that are Effective in Combating Acne

Combat acne with natural and organic products! These organic skincare products will clear your pores, fight bacteria, and help prevent and control breakouts. Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree Oil kills the bacteria that causes acne and breaks down the dirt that clogs your pores. It is also a great spot treatment for red pimples, since […]

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Skincare tips for Different Age Groups, 20’s 30’s and 40’s

Your skincare routine should change as you age and as your skin changes. For the female skin, we have different needs at different stages. Here we look at your skin for the different age groups: 20s, 30s, 40s and after. What to expect and how best to manage them. In your 20s Get sun protection […]

Beauty Facial Rollers – best dermarollers and jade rollers in Malaysia

Facial rollers are a current fad because of its beautiful effects on the skin. There are different kids of rollers on the market, there are dermarollers and jade rollers. Dermarollers, also known as microneedling, has tiny needles on the roller to help stimulate collagen. Jade rollers has a smooth surface on the roller, which are […]