We Review Some Of The Best Kiehl’s Products For You To Add To Your Beauty Arsenal

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / November 11, 2021

If you’re a true beauty lover, you probably already heard, know and familiarize yourself with the superior-brand that is Kiehl’s. Though this brand is considered to be the life changer in the skincare industry, not everyone is aware of how much of a power each one of their little tools could contribute to your skin. […]

Astringent VS Toner: What In The World Is The Difference?!

By: Cherelle Lim / November 9, 2021

If you don’t already know by now, skincare involves a whole range of different products. Sometimes, we even get confused! There are products that sound similar and look so similar that we sometimes just clump them together in a group and call it one thing. When in reality, there could be a clear difference that […]

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Innisfree Reviews: Our Pick Of The Top 10 Products From This Cult-Favourite K-beauty Brand!

By: Balqis Ariffin / November 8, 2021

With the K-beauty trend proliferating in every inch of the world, there’s one brand that has been inextricably linked to this factor. Indeed, we’re talking about the highly loved Korean beauty brand, Innisfree. Known for its formulation which features a concoction of natural ingredients harvested from Jeju Island, they have been making waves globally. With […]

The Best Korean Sunscreens For That K-Drama Pearly White Skin!

By: Cherelle Lim / November 1, 2021

K-drama fanatics will love it when we say that you can also achieve that flawless main character look. Ever noticed that every female and male lead in K-dramas has flawless and pearly white skin? Even when they are serving us minimal no-makeup makeup looks, their skin still shines and glows! The best way to start […]

I Tried Every Product From This Brand And It’s Exactly What Your Skin Is Krave-ing For

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / October 28, 2021

If you’re a fan of skincare then you know that the K-beauty industry does not play games. They are titans in understanding what your skin needs, formulating with unique ingredients and focusing more on hydration as key. However, there has been a cult favourite brand that has broken into the western market and taken the […]

Laneige Limited-Edition Lip Sleeping Masks Will Surely Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Cravings

By: agnes / October 25, 2021

Did you know that Laneige is celebrating its 27th Anniversary this year? That’s right, it has been 27 years of amazing products with high-end technology curated specifically for Asian skin. Other than the brand’s top sleeping masks and neo cushion items, one that is loved by many is the lip sleeping mask. And this year, […]

The Ultimate Oily Face Skincare Routine Everyone Needs Right Now!

By: Cherelle Lim / October 21, 2021

Where are all the oily face peeps at! We need to band together now and start taking care of our faces. Do you know why our skin is oily? Yeah, it is absolutely not because you have too much “moisture” in your skin. Oily skin can actually be caused when your skin is dehydrated. That’s […]

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