Masalah Panau? Cuba 10 Krim Panau Terbaik Ini Untuk Melegakan Kulit Gatal!

Pernahkah anda mengalami masalah kulit panau? Jika ya, pasti anda mengetahui bahawa tompokan putih pada wajah memberi kesan kepada keyakinan diri. Tambahan lagi, tempoh jangka masa untuk merawat panau agak memakan masa jika anda tidak menggunakan krim yang bersesuaian. Walaupun segala cela di wajah dapat dilindungi dengan menggunakan alat solekan, kulit yang kelihatan sihat dan […]

The Best Vitamins That Will Make Your Skin Thank You!

Taking care of your skin is such an important aspect of self care. It is after all your body’s largest organ. Vitamins can be a great way to take care of your skin and maintain your natural beauty. Whether you consume it or apply it topically, they provide nutrients that will be beneficial for your […]

The Best Cream, Scrub & Lotions To Treat Your Keratosis Pilaris Problem

Every woman in this world desires a soft, smooth skin—but achieving one isn’t easy. Especially when you’ve got Keratosis Pilaris. No ordinary exfoliator or moisturizer will make those annoying little dark bumps on your skin go away. It’s frustrating to run your fingers across your body and feel that bumpy texture that just longing around […]

These 10 Best Japanese Beauty Products Will Make You Super Kawaii!

Mention Japan, we’re sure that it reminds you of all its greatness, from anime, kawaii, matcha latte, Harajuku, and its ancient beauty ritual. Although K-Beauty has practically reigned over everyone’s hearts, there’s always a place for Japanese beauty products. Beauty has always intertwined with the trend and it is like a season that changes unknowingly. […]

Get Your Hands On These Hot New Suisai & Allie Products Right Now!

Thinking about having fun in the sun? Wishing to go out but don’t want to come back tan and dark? Well, there are a few things that can help keep your skin as white as snow! Besides having a good cleanser to come home to, you need to be prepared for the big bad sun. […]

Slugging: We Asked Dr. Ingky Whether This Beauty Trend Is Dermatologist Approved

You have probably come across this viral skincare trend through TikTok or even Reddit. Yes, we’re talking about slugging! This K-beauty trend has definitely grown cult followers of its own since it went viral on the internet. We’re sure that most of you lovelies tempted to try out this beauty trend for yourselves if you […]

The Best Combo You Will Ever Need Is Moisturiser & SPF

Maybe your skincare routine is just too much. Or, you’ve got too much product and you want to minimise your routine. Well, the best way to do that is by finding 2-in-1 products! Many skincare products actually come with 2-in-1 or even more functions! A serum could be a toner, or a spot cream can […]

Lock In Your Dream Glow with Skinned Co

Selecting the right products to get your skin glow and dreamy could be tough with a lot of trial and errors involved. This is often the result of not knowing the ingredients in your products and following blindly behind the claims. In creating their skincare products, Skinned has made sure that they combine the right […]

10 Toner Terbaik Di Malaysia Yang Menjadi Pilihan Ramai

Rutin penjagaan wajah pasti tidak lengkap tanpa penggunaan toner wajah dan ianya merupakan antara produk penjagaan wajah yang anda wajib ada selain pembersih muka dan pelembap muka. Oleh itu, ianya amatlah penting agar anda menggunakan toner yang terbaik dan juga bersesuaian dengan kulit anda. Terdapat banyak jenis toner yang ditawarkan di pasaran dan setiapnya menawarkan […]

Kulit Badan Berdaki? Cuba 10 Scrub Badan Terbaik Ini Agar Kulit Lembut Dan Cerah

Adakah kulit badan anda berdaki dan terasa kasar? Penjagaan badan kurang dititikberatkan berbanding wajah, oleh itu tidak hairanlah terdapat segelintir yang mengalami masalah kulit sedemikian. Produk penjagaan wajah termasuk scrub wajah sudah semestinya antara barangan yang harus dimiliki, bukan? Sama juga seperti scrub badan, ianya juga membantu anda mendapatkan kulit yang halus, sihat dan lembut. […]

18 Best Face Serums in Malaysia To Get The Skin Of Your Dreams

Over the last few years, serums have taken over the skincare world by storm and we won’t lie, we at Beauty Insider Malaysia are big serum aficionados! We’ve tried and tested hundreds of face serums in Malaysia and definitely have seen some good ones that have helped in brightening the skin, toning irregular skin tone, […]