Here Are Some Fun Yoghurt Face Mask Recipes To Try Out At Home!

Face masks- who doesn’t love ‘em? We’re sure many who love beauty also love the goodness of applying face masks; a self-pampering indulgence, you could say. However, have you ever tried an age-old DIY face mask using yoghurt? Yes, Beauty Insider is talking about the yoghurt in your fridge so today, we’re sharing our favourite […]

Dehydrated Skin Is Causing More Skin Concerns Than You Think!

Hello lovelies, tell us, have you had any water today? No? Well, drop everything and go grab a glass of water. NOW! Okay, assuming, and we are really trusting you here, that you have drunk a glass full of water, Beauty Insider would like to discuss something many people neglect. Just like how you forgot […]

11 Lip Balm Terbaik Untuk Bibir Hitam Agar Tampak Merah Bak Delima Sentiasa!

Bibir yang tampak merekah dan hitam sememangnya sesuatu perkara yang agak menggusarkan, terutamanya bagi wanita. Tidak dinafikan jika berbanding lelaki, bentuk bibir mahupun keadaannya memainkan peranan penting dalam fizikal seseorang. Selain mata, bibir juga menjadi titik penolak untuk wajah. Oleh itu, anda juga harus menitikberatkan rutin penjagaan untuk bibir anda. Bayangkan bibir yang kusam dan […]

15 Pencuci Muka Untuk Kulit Kering Yang Terbaik

Kulit kering and bersisik semestinya terasa kurang menyenangkan, selain itu ianya juga menyebabkan wajah anda tampak kurang berseri. Oleh itu, rutin penjagaan wajah yang bersesuaian dengan jenis kulit anda adalah sangat penting, ini termasuk menggunakan pencui muka yang terbaik. Pernahkah anda para ladies merasa bahawa kulit wajah anda terasa sangat kering selepas mencuci muka? Awas […]

Microbiome Skincare Take Over: You Need This ASAP!

There’s a new skincare trend coming to town and it’s microbiome skincare! Many skincare experts and enthusiasts have called it the next big thing. Well, we think so too. But before we get there, do you know what the microbiome is? The skin’s microbiome refers to the billions of fungi, viruses, and bacteria which your […]

Gua Sha: The Hottest Tool You Need To Try For An Instant Facial Massage

You’ve either seen them on TikTok or on the shelves of Sephora and go “hmm, what’s all this about?” Gua Sha- it’s conquering 2021 and you either jump on the hottest beauty technique or get lost in the wind. However, how do you even use those gizmos? Lucky for you, Beauty Insider is equipped with […]

Why You Should Start Incorporating Evening Primrose Oil Into Your Lifestyle

Oils are considered natural liquid gold. There are a plethora of oils we naturally source that provides us with miscellaneous usages. With that, beauty is no exception and oils are no exception. Therefore, Beauty Insider is shining a limelight on evening primrose oil and why you need it in your life. Evening primrose oil contains […]

23 Best Clay Masks in Malaysia For An Instant Healthy Skin.

As Malaysians, we are exposed to a wide range of toxins, stress and environmental pollutants that can cause serious damage to our skin. Three of the primary skin issues faced by Malaysians are inflammation, bacterial imbalance, and toxicity! If you are dealing with one or all three of these skin issues, you can start applying […]

10 Scrub Muka Terbaik Yang Menjadi Pilihan Ramai Agar Kulit Tampak Lembut, Berseri

Kulit wajah yang terasa kasar semestinya membuatkan kita berasa risau. Yelah, tidak semua orang mahu kulit yang tampak kusam. Jika rutin penjagaan wajah anda hanya berasaskan pembersih sahaja, ianya sudah tiba masanya agar anda mengkaji semula produk yang anda gunakan. Terutamanya, bagi mereka yang masih tidak mempunyai scrub muka, sekarang adalah masa terbaik untuk anda […]