Eye Care

Protect Your Eyes with some Tender Love and Care from Rohto Cool Eye Wash

By: Farah Khan / December 22, 2021

Our eyes are the windows to our soul. That being said, it is an understatement to say that we need to take ample care of our eyes. From ensuring that they get their needed rest, to supplying them with some refreshing wash every once in a while, our eyes love some TLC!  With that, as […]


10 Cara Mudah Untuk Hilangkan Eyebag Dengan Berkesan

By: Balqis Ariffin / April 16, 2021

Adakah anda mengalami masalah eyebag? Mata panda, eyebag atau lingkaran hitam bawah mata adalah masalah yang disering dialami oleh para wanita. Walapun ianya tidak perlu dibimbangkan, sebagai wanita pasti anda ingin wajah yang tampak mulus dan berseri bukan? Anda tidak perlu lagi risau kerana Beauty Insider telah menyenaraikan 10 cara mudah untuk hilangkan eyebag dengan […]

5 Ways to Achieve Fresh Looking Eyes- let them shine!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / May 2, 2018

Many try to hide the evidence of late nights (dark circles and puffy eyes) by slapping on more makeup. But the best solution is to treat the problem from different fronts. Here are the five tested eye products you need to get ASAP. 1-Day ACUVUE® DEFINE® Radiant Sweet Just as the name suggests, these contact […]

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