For years, the plastic surgery world was considered taboo—whether a simple jab of botox to an extreme breast implants, Hollywood celebs are no strangers to needle and knife. Thus, if there’s one thing Hollywood’s celebrities should be respected for is their truth and honesty. And with the help of the rise of ‘’natural beauty’’ awareness, many celebrities have come forward admitting about getting the ‘’job done’’.

But real talk, from Dolly Parton to The Kardashian clan, they were never shy to educate the society about the importance of living comfortably under your own skin. And sometimes, the perfect figure that you saw on social media isn’t always the reality. It takes a lot of surgery and a few photoshop touch ups. So don’t get cloudy. And as the term beauty world is constantly evolving, the subject of cosmetic surgery is becoming a pillar of its own

Now, here at Beauty Insider we listed down 10 famous celebrities who have never scurry away from the topic of cosmetic surgery and have openly discussed their treatments. Check them out! 

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1. Dolly Parton

The queen of the countryside, Dolly Parton, admitted on a few occasions that she had gone for multiple plastic surgery—including breast implants, eyelid surgery and even the famous brow lift procedure. The 75-years-old songstress said ‘’The rumours are true. I am artificial but I am a real person.’’ She also admitted that the belief of her not feeling naturally pretty was the reason for her changing her appearance.

2. Katy Perry 

Not everyone is aware but pop singer Katy Perry has actually gotten plastic surgery done. But hers aren’t as extreme as the others. She has done some laser treatments for under-eyes problems here and there. She said ‘’I got filler injections for my dark circle problem.. But that’s just it. Everything you see on my body is totally natural.’’ But she looks better now, ain’t’ she? 

3. Tyra Banks 

When it comes to supermodel Tyra Banks, it’s all about looking good and feeling good. In her books, she openly discusses her nose job surgery. Though, she has always spoken and advocated about ‘’being natural’’, encouraging youngsters to feel more confident in their own skin. She even shared her experience undergoing the nose job procedures, saying, ‘’It’s growing and itching but I could breathe fine.’’ 

4. Chrissy Teigen 

We salute Chrissy Teigen for always keeping it 100%! Mrs John Legend admitted to not one but two plastic surgery procedures. First she shared her experience with armpit sweat reduction. Chrissy said she found it uncomfortable to constantly be sweating around her armpits so she gotta do something about it. ‘’It made me feel more confident. It made me feel better in dresses. I have no regrets.’’ Then, in 2019, Chrissy announced that she will be removing her breast implants. She took to her Instagram and said, ‘’It was a great experience but I’m over it. I’d like to be able to zip my dress.’’

5. Khloe Kardashian 

For so many years, Khloe has been hesitant about discussing her plastic surgery journey. But during the Keeping Up With The Kardashian season finale, Khloe fully admitted to getting a nose job, botoxes and surprisingly, face transplant. She said she was feeling insecure about her natural look and people had been making fun of her for eternity so she dissolved them. 

6. Lisa Kudrow 

The Friends star admitted to getting a rhinoplasty as young as 16-years-ago—referring to a ‘’life-altering’’ moment. Similar to Khloe’s situation, Lisa said she wasn’t feeling confident and pretty at that moment so she knew she had done something to restore her self-esteem. ‘’That was a good, good, change,’’ said Lisa in The Saturday Evening Post interview. 

7. Jamie Lee Curtis 

Our favorite Laurie Strode fully opened up on admitting to getting liposuction and botoxes. In her interview with Telegraph, Jamie Lee said even though she invested a lot of time and money on getting plastic surgery, surprisingly none of it really works. Her appearance still looks the same and nothing changes, so she somewhat gave up on ‘’touching ups.’’ Hm, if only she realizes how naturally beautiful she is. 

8. Angelina Jolie 

Don’t get us wrong, our view on Angelina is that she’s a literal goddess. But let us break it to you, she had three different unique surgery treatments. Preventive double mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and breast implants. And she still looks da bomb, right? Angelina talked about her experience of getting two surgeries at the same time and another just right after, ‘’Nine weeks later, when the surgeries were completed, I reconstructed a breast implant’’. Ouch! Easy there. 

9. Anna Faris 

The famous comedian candidly discusses her lip injections and breast augmentation. In her book she wrote, ‘’I was insecure about the look of my lips.. How thin it looks, so I made a few changes. But nobody notices, so I don’t bother to explain.’’ And believe it or not, shortly after she finished wrapping The House Bunny she went to get her breast done. She said the movie has inspired her. Interesting

10. Cardi B 

The famous rapper has never shied away about choosing plastic surgery as a medium of ‘’looking good.’’ Aside from getting breast augmentation, she also admitted to getting legal injections and liposuction. On her part, she said she was desperate to have bigger asses. Lol, whatever you said Cardi!

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