As a skincare junkie, I’ve been wondering on how to safely remove blackheads and shrinking pores ever since I was a teenager, and just like the rest of you, I’ve made myself sure to try any products available on the market shelves in order to make my skin looks smoother and cleaner. Sometimes I overlaid my foundation and other makeup products to make sure I covered the obvious large pores that were taking over my cheeks. 

Until I realise that no matter how much money I spend buying those overpriced makeup to cover the appearance of my large pores, all you ever need is a good facial treatment that can help get rid off those annoying blemishes. 

That is why we should have a regular facial check-up and consultation by an expert and well-trained beautician to help clean out dirts, sebum production, and eradicate black heads to achieve refined pores. 

Medical spas like Celmonze The Signature offer their very own Po-Refine Treatment, a facial treatment that helps gently clear out debris and clogged pores while tightening enlarged pores with their specially formulated solution combined with the vacuum suction machine. To my surprise, it softens and dissolves hard keratin to deeply exfoliate and shrink the pore size. 

This facial treatment is advisable for those who suffer from an open large pores problem and blackheads. Below, we explain their procedure and what to expect once you have booked your appointment. 

Book Your Appointment

After I booked my appointment online, which is the Po-MInimiser Treatment —a promising treatment to gently clean out debris and clogged pores to make pores smaller , I received a text from their representative saying that my date was confirmed. If you do the same make sure you double check the date and slot of your appointment to avoid any missed appointments. You’ll also be able to select the venue of your choice. 


Next is the consultation. When I arrived, I was ushered for consultation, where they examined my skin and gave me a questionnaire to fill out and write down any concerns I had about my skin condition. This is a vital phase in the facial since it determines not just to your skin texture and any skin concerns you may have, but it also helps the esthetician select what therapies to utilise for the rest of the facial. 

She will be asking questions and explaining what she observes with you while the skin evaluation is being performed. They determined that my skin was packed with debris and blackheads. My pores were overly large and in bad shape.

The PO- Minimiser Treatment 

Step 1: Cleansing

I was then brought to one of their treatment rooms. I was told to change into more suitable clothes, make myself comfortable and that’s when the first step began—cleansing your face. The beautician began treating my skin with a fresh and clean canvas. Any makeup or substance left around your skin will make your facial less effective. Hence why she performed a thorough cleanse to ensure that your skin is as clean before beginning the facial treatment. The treatment used a water dissolving Celemonze’s skin capsule, the Pro-Refine soluble. The washing helps to dissolve makeup and remove undesirable, dead skin cells while maintaining the lipid barrier.

Step 2: Sheet Mask + LED Light Mask

After a good 2-3 minutes cleansing, the beautician then proceeds to cover my face with a soothing sheet mask. Because your pores would be open after a good exfoliating, the mask that was applied to my skin had detoxifying substances that will assist clear up pores. 

Next, covering the sheet mask, the LED Light mask was placed on top. This is a safe and non-invasive 7 LED Light treatment that penetrates the skin’s layers to enhance your skin. So don’t worry, it won’t hurt your skin. The alleged advantages of undergoing the LED light treatment include a rise in the quantity of collagen in the skin and helps activate blood circulation which can lessen the signs of ageing and other damaging skin signs. 

This process covers up to almost 10 minutes. If you suffer any discomfort during this process, please let the beautician know. 

Step 3: Pore-Minimiser Suction

For the next step, it’s totally my favourite part—the pore suction, or the famous ‘’vacuum’’. During this step, the suctions are efficient and work to eliminate visible enlarged pores or blackheads. This procedure also helps to cleanse pores, oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. This is yet another non-harmful and safe facial procedure. 

This process covers up around 5 minutes. If you suffer any discomfort during this process, please let the beautician know.

Step 4: Extraction

Extractions are the next stage in this facial treatment. Any pore congestion, including blackheads or whiteheads, will be eliminated. It is important to have extractions performed by a trained beautician since they have been taught on how to extract these pollutants and how to manage the skin afterwards. 

This step is done to keep your skin smooth and your appearance clear. Your beautician will use cleaned instruments or their hands with gloves on throughout this facial extraction, so don’t worry about getting germs on your face.

Step 5: Cream Mask + LED Light 

Next, another layer of mask will be applied to your face. But this time around, a chilling and soothing cream mask will be spread across your skin instead of the previous sheet mask. The cream mask was a bit cold, but don’t worry, it will instantly help to awaken your skin once another round of LED light mask is placed on top of it. This is a safe and non-invasive treatment that penetrates the skin’s layers to enhance your skin. 

The alleged advantages of undergoing the LED light treatment include a rise in the quantity of collagen in the skin and helps activate blood circulation which can lessen the signs of ageing and other damaging skin signs. 

Expect a shorter time span compared to the first LED treatment. It wouldn’t take up to more than 5 minutes. 

Step 6: Moisturise + Massage

The very last step is of course. The moisturiser and sunblock. After the beautician removes the mask, she will seal in the hydration using Celmonze’s choice of moisturiser – with hydration as the overarching aim. To take your moisturising to the next stage, she will massage your face carefully and gently to ensure that the product is effectively absorbed inside. 

The massage also aids in de-puffing your face, as well as cell renewals, and skin turnover. She will start at the jaw and softly stroke upwards to give you a fantastic face massage. She proceeds to apply the moisturiser in a similar manner to all regions of the face.

The Verdict

After around 40 minutes of facial treatment, I finally stepped outside the room feeling more refreshed than ever. To my surprise, my previous visible large pores now look smaller than ever. And even more exciting to see that my blackheads are 80% gone. This PO- MinimiserTreatment really removes dirt and blocked pores effectively while tightening enlarged pores. So say goodbye to  big pores in just one session. 

My complexion is much clearer than before and feels a lot smoother. Not just this treatment successfully treats my pores, blackheads and clogged pores, but also helps brighten up my dull and tired-looking skin. 

Who Can Experience This Treatment? 

Anyone aged between 25-40 is suitable for this treatment. Those who suffer skin conditions like oiliness, enlarged pores, blackheads and white problems are encouraged to undergo this facial treatment. Do note that this treatment is not suitable for very sensitive skin.  

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