When speaking of facial cleansers, I believe that there are few of the products that stand the test of time: they will always remain at the top must-haves list even if a decade has passed. Like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Seriously, every beauty cult follower that I know has at least tried this famous face wash. Big Hollywood names like Meghan Thee Stallion even praise Cetaphil’s Skin Cleanser. Beauty editors around the world, dermatologists and 80% Cetaphil users have swore their life for this product—that accomplishment should really speak of itself. 

So, if you’re one of those 20% who had never tried this Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, and looking for more assurance that this product will change your life, then this is the sign. Here is Beauty Insider’s honest verdict when it comes to this good ole cleanser that has won multiple beauty awards all around the world. 

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Review: 

For All Skin Type

I have a combination skin concern, sometimes heavy on the oily side so searching for the right product could be a bummer. But thankfully this Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser really suits my skin. This hallmark product is actually suitable for all types of skin. Be it dry skin, sensitive skin and even the most oily. This product was made with an array of the best commodity that suits every type of skin concern.

But here’s some PSA; the state of your skin never stays exactly the same. Think of hormonal changes, the environment you’re exposed to, the changes of weather, your medication intakes, so on and so forth. So no matter what skin types you have, it may change throughout the time—depending on those various factors. So no matter what condition your skin is in at the moment, you should always cleanse your face in the morning, at night and in between when you start to feel greasy.

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The Ingredients 

Even though this product was labelled as non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic and non-alkaline, it doesn’t really pass the ‘’all clean’’ or ‘’vegan’’ vibes as they indeed contain the inclusion of Sodium Lauryl Sulfates and parabens. Sulfates are known to be the number one contributor when it comes to skin irritation, redness and inflammation, while parabens are controversial preservatives. And we know that we mentioned Cetaphil Gentle SKin Cleanser suits every skin concern but it is best for you to consult your dermatologist first before purchasing one. However, this Cetaphil facial cleanser has gotten a lot of dermatologist approval and even recommended by many including those suffering with eczema and severe acne. 

Other than that, ingredients like fatty acids can help provide and pump the moisture back into your skin so for those of you with mild dry skin should try out this product. They provide a balanced moisturising effect which was backed by research that showed fatty acid can be tolerated with those with rosacea problems without causing any further damage to the skin barrier. Expect your skin to feel more bouncy and hydrated right after. 

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The Texture

Out of all the texture is by far my favourite because one pump is all it takes to be welcomed with such a lightweight, gentle and smooth-like lotion feeling. The texture has a translucent look and it glides smoothly over your skin—none of that harsh and chalky formula. Surprisingly, the first time I tried, it felt like a runny face lotion slash moisturizer. The way it easily coats my face, leaving a thin emollient layer, it will give you the illusions of barely-there products on your face. It’s like rinsing your face with a scoop of water. So if you are like me, who’s not a big fan of heavy texture, then this cleanser is really heaven-sent for you.

The Scent

So how about the scent? Good news, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is fragrance-free. There are no additional fragrance, or artificial scent added inside, due to Cetaphil making it accessible for all skin types including the most sensitive. 

The Price 

If you think Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is only made famous due to their formula you’re wrong. Another reason why this facial wash is so damn popular is because of their wallet-friendly price. In Malaysia, the price ranges between RM 16.80 to RM 43.50 depending on the size of bottle. But we suggest you buy the biggest bottle which comes in 500ml. It can save you so much and it literally lasts for months.

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Our Final Verdict 

Personally, this Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser feels like one of those products that you never meant to meet but somehow you do, and after spending some time together, you know it is just meant to be. This hallmark product does not always pop on ads like those boujee, high-end products but it stands the test of time and no matter how far you’ve wondered, you’ll come back to them. Simply reliable, trustworthy, lightweight and trusted, this cleanser is a must-have for everyone. They really nailed the job. 

Where To Buy Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

You can purchase them on Watson, Shopee and Lazada.

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