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Cheek Stain Vs Cream Blush Vs Powder Blush

Categories : Cheek, Makeup

Cheek Tint / Stain

Cheek tint or stains are water-based. The colour pops better compared with cream and powder blushes. It gives a natural flush look with a healthy, fresh dewy glow that looks as if it comes from within the skin.

However, tints are more difficult to manage and blend. If heavy-handed, the overall effect may look obvious. Furthermore, due to the properties of water-based stains, the range of colours is more limited than the other forms.

Suitable for All Skin Types.

Cream Blush

Cream blush provides hydration to the skin. Colours can be built on and are probably the easiest to manage. It blends with more colours for contouring and highlighting. It is subtle and more natural looking.

However, the colours are subtle and less likely to pop than the cheek stain and powder blush.

Suitable for Normal and Dry skin, Combination Skin.


The powder blush has a more natural look. It absorbs excess oil and works well for oily skin. The powder form supports a wide range of colours with different finishes. It is buildable, blendable and lasts when applied over foundation. Powder blush allows for versatile makeup that ranges from the subtle to the dramatic. You can use one colour across the cheeks for a flushed look, or more colours to shade and highlight your cheeks.

However, if heavy-handed, the effect can be obvious and gives a dry effect to your look.

Suitable for Normal and Oily Skin.