Chinese New Year is just a couple of days away and the festive mood for the celebration os certainly in the air! Everyone including us is busy updating our wardrobe, thinking of getting a new hairstyle and some of us have even planned on treating ourself to a luxury staycation. Cuz, why not?! After all, Chinese New Year is a great time to splurge and pamper yourself to look perfect at reunion dinners and parties!

Apart from taking good of our nails and hairs, one of the must-have beauty rituals to complete the Chinese New Year is to get our nails done. It is so crucial to shower some TLC for our nails because nails are in fact one of the first things people notice and we know you them to look good! So, schedule an appointment with your favourite nail parlour now and treat yourself to well-deserved Chinese New Year nails just in time for the festival.

Since we’re in the topic of CNY nails, here’s a suggestion. Why not take a break from the usual floral, red, gold and other pretty basic nail art designs this Chinese New Year? Have some fun and join in the celebration of the Year of the Rat! You don’t literally need to get an array of rats on your nails but you can play along the theme with 2020’s Chinese zodiac, fresh colours, Chinese tradition and just be creative and go unique.

This Chinese New Year, why not opt for a refreshing change of nail looks? Not only will these nail art designs add major goals and complete your CNY #ootd, but they’ll serve as a guaranteed table turner! To help you get a new nail look for 2020 Chinese New Year, we’ve gathered a gallery of 12 nail designs that are trendiest designs for the Year of the Rat: swipe through. Swipe through and make a ‘rat-ional’ decision on how you want your nails to look. 

1. Cheery Blossom Nails

Did you know CNY is actually an occasion to welcome the arrival of spring? That is why we think there’s no better way to welcome spring than going for a cherry blossom-inspired nails. A chic way to achieve the design is, instead of getting all of your nails painted with the same floral pattern, try to pick out just one or two nails for the art, then opt for a pink-to-white ombre style for the rest. It will give you an elegant and sophisticated result. 

You can get the cherry blossom nails done at Posh Nail Spa.

2. Mickey Mouse Nails

It is the year of the rat and no one can deny Mickey Mouse is the most famous rodent cartoon character ever! So it’s only right that he gets featured on your nails. It is cute and a great way to fit into the theme as well. You can go all out and get Mickey’s face on all of your nails or you can opt for something a little classy like the design on the picture.

You can get cute Mickey Mouse nails done at 176 Avenue.

3. Chinese Calligraph Nails 

Chinese letters on nails will def make you stand out from the crowd. It is a trendy way to go bold with opulent design. Take the design a step higher by adding some gold foil accents on top to make your nails a little glittery. But if glitter is not your thing then you can also go a little different by choosing odd colours like green or orange as the base. It will give you a unique but beautiful outcome. 

You can get Chinese Calligraphy on nails at Parfait Ten Nail Spa.

4. Porcelain Painted Nails 

Many people would immediately think of auspicious hues like red and gold when it comes to Chinese New Year nails but only a few recognise shades like blue and white as significant colours to celebrating Chinese New Year. Nothing screams Chinese New Year nail art than porcelain. They’re a  chic way to top off for a unique oriental style.

You can get porcelain nails at Apronbay Nail Spa.

5. Tom & Jerry Nails

Another cute mouse we cannot skip this Year of The Rat is Jerry from Tom & Jerry. Adding cute Tom and Jerry to your nails is a quirk take on the ancient old celebrations. You can get all nails featuring cute Tom and Jerry chasing each other and their funny faces or you can go for something less quirk and get 1-2 nails with these cute fellas on them.

You can get cute Tom & Jerry nails done at Nail and Waxing Salon by Glitters.

6. Goldfish Nails

In Chinese culture, goldfish represents serious luck so why not charm your nails with some good luck by throwing in some fishes on them? You can get elegant goldfish nail design is using gel polish to ensure quality and safety for your nails. Plus, going for darker base colours like black or grey will make the fishes stand out more!

You can get goldfish nails at Boudoir by Soong Ai Ling.

7. Classic French With Red Tipped Nails

Give the classic French manicure and elevation by giving a red finish at the tip. Especially if you’re a fan of this classic look a new breathe of life with a blush pink base, followed by a delicate stripe of glossy red along each fingertip. You can also try to add small heart shapes to make your nails looking extra unique and fashionable.

You can get this French manicure done at The Pink Parlour.

8. Gold Emblemished Nails 

No better way to get into the festive mood that adding some gold glitter and jewels, too! This may sound a bit edgy for those who are looking for understated designs, but there’s a subtle way to play with the sharp colours, patterns for a more elegant result. The key is to strike a perfect balance between glamour and simplicity! 

You can get the bold gold studded nails done at Sommerset Nails & Waxing.

9. Mahjong Nails

What is Chinese New Year without seeing your relatives and playing mahjong with them? For those who don’t know Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game that played with sets of tiles. If you still don’t know, recall the iconic mahjong scene in Crazy Rich Asians. Now, see why mahjong nail designs are a perfect fit for CNY.

Get these cute mahjong inspired nails done at BeeQnails Salon.

10.  Fortune Cat Nails

Fortune Cat is known as Maneki Neko in Japanese, which means “beckoning cat.” The cat has its paw raised as if it’s waving which symbolises good fortune for its owners. Despite being a very Japanese thing, Fortune cats are often closely associated with CNY especially decorations. This sweet but striking cat can be a decisive charm on your nails.

You can get cute fortune cat nails done at Lacquer Couture.

11. Dragons Nails

Dragons are mythical creatures from ancient Chinese stories and they are a huge part of the Chinese culture. Dragons are often seen as spirit animal that can teach us how to live a life of honour and motivate and enlighten us. Get the majestic dragon on your nails and let it lead you to a better life.

You can get dragon nails done at Jac & Ivy.

12. Red Gradient Nails

Another way to wear all of your favourite lucky colours in the Year of the Rat is to give your nails a simple yet delicate gradient style. Just choose two to three shades of any colour you think represents the festive vibes and goes well with your CNY #ootd. We picked red cuz that’s the classic, but colours like orange, pink and yellow too can be your choice.

Get gorgeous gradient nails done at Nailsmith Spa & Bar.