It is known—for Star Wars lovers, May is indeed a very special month. Apart from the countless Star Wars memes being posted online, the ability to greet everyone with the so not obvious “May the fourth be with you” lines, this month (not surprisingly), also celebrates the debut of the new Obi-Wan Kenobi series, as well as the 45th anniversary of the 1977 film that started it all. 

ColourPop’s 1977 Star Wars Collection

So what better month to launch a new makeup collection from an international beauty company like Colourpop? The brand that is famously known for the ability to pull out any timeless campaign. So for their new collection, it is inspired by none other than the franchise famous 1977 film Star Wars IV: A New Hope. The beauty kits feature neutral and strong colours in a pressed powder palette, lipsticks, glosses, eyeliner, and more. And, psst, you’d best hurry since it’s going fast!

And even if you’re not a member of the Star Wars fandom, you can’t deny these dazzling new lip gloss hues and glittering eyeshadow will look appealing to you. Join Beauty Insider and get nostalgic over this latest collection, and become a part of the galactic gang we all know and love.

ColourPop x Star Wars Collection

Colourpop has previously collaborated with Lucasfilm Ltd. And as you guessed it, they delivered our expectations. Along with beauty goods inspired by The Mandalorian, the brand has already demonstrated its affection for old Star Wars with a Darth Vader palette. However, the new collection delves deeper into the original film’s beauty, with products focusing especially on the lips and eyes. 

The Star Wars Pressed Powder Palette is the focal point of the eye products. No wait, probably the focal point of the entire collection. It comes in packaging that features pictures from the original movie poster and has 15 tones that depict a balance of light and dark. The palettes include the brand’s Tie Dye Super Shock and Duo Chrome finishes, as well as neutrals, metallics, blues, and reds. Seriously, it gets us gagging on the galaxy. 

ColourPop’s 1977 Star Wars Collection

The Eye Products 

Speaking of eye products, the pressed powder isn’t the only thing that caught our attention. For this collection, they include these jelly-type shadows that’ll confirm to leave a long-lasting impression. The Protocol & Astromech Jelly Much Shadow  provide a distinct shadow format. A water-based solution creates the vivid metallic finish. Both the white and silver shades benefit from this mix of softness and richness.

Other than that, how about you complete your eye appearance with one of the collection’s most inventive pieces—Lightsaber & Kyber Crystal Graphix Ink Liner. The bronze and blue shimmering hues are applied with a precise brush tip that forms a super-sharp line to resemble the renowned Jedi weapon’s beams of electricity.

ColourPop’s 1977 Star Wars Collection

The Lip Products

Lipstick and gloss enthusiasts have options for their lips. For matte lovers, the Crème Luxe Lipsticks in Dark Lord, Surrender, and Supreme Ruler are buttery and creamy. Packed with lip-enhancing nutrients such as pomegranate and jojoba butters that will undoubtedly impart amazing red, nude, and deep hues. As for the glossy gang, the Elite & Imperial Lux Lip Gloss has an incredibly shiny Duo Chrome finish that looks great alone or layered for a shinier effect. Seriously, you could never go wrong with these colours. 

ColourPop’s 1977 Star Wars Collection

Our Verdict 

To be honest, we are sold over this entire new collection. ColourPop really outdid this new launch with centering the shimmery and glittery aspects in each product. Far from the usual nude, brown tones, this collection benefits those beauty aficionados who prefer bright and bold colours. No wonder they’re selling out fast. So you better hurry up and unleash the might of the force by owning this collection. 

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